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The name of Zhao Zhu Tie (light Zhao Pillar steel) did not seem very refined. However, when it came to his nickname, Phantom, you could say that all murderous members from around the world knew the name. Today the world was too peaceful, and why the murder was not going well. Real Audience could earn good money, Zhao Zhu Tie bought a large mansion and become the owner of the legendary house.

She has just leased her house to single women. Zhao Zhu Tie posted rented advertisements on a popular social site, and what women all came one after another in his villa. The best schools, the best of the police teams and all kinds of beauties entered their surroundings. Proclaiming himself as hegemon of the campus, joining the underworld. Everything so that the tenants continue to live more content.

I am a very responsible owner - said Zhao Zhu tie approaching innumerable skeletons of the enemy.

Genre : Action , Comedy , Harem , Martial Arts , Shounen , Supernatural , ,

Author/Translator : Lao Shi

Country : China

Status : Ongoing

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