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An ordinary cat wander within two years to become a demon kitty Hua Miao Miao a thousand years. Little Miao Miao does not understand the complications of life, even acting like a common cat. Unexpectedly, Hua Miao Miao meets Bi Qing Shen Jun, a warrior god who looks like his former owner, and is deceived by him to go to heaven to become his disciple. Under the tutelage of Shifu Bi Qing Shen Jun, after having gone through many painful challenges, the little Miao Miao finally understands what it means to be a "cat."

  • You can not undress in front of others
  • You can not hug or kiss other people except Master.
  • You can not hug or kiss other people except Master.
  • Do not accept Xiao Tian Quan roses, except for Master.
  • You can not go to the third podium place of the third dive to eat fish, except cooked by Master. Uh ...... what else?

    Is it not allowed to go to a brothel to earn money? Not allowed to cause chaos or accept proposals?

    Miau ~ I do not remember ...... Master, do not be angry.

    Well, clearly remember the future, please do not eat me!

    Genre : Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Supernatural , Xianxia , ,

    Author/Translator : Ju Hua San Li

    Country : China

    Status : Ongoing

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