Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 564

Chapter 564 - Shi Yong

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The spear tip pierced towards Ya Ya's stomach.

After plotting so long for the attack, he had accumulated enough strength for it, the sharpness of the spear tip immediately speared at Ya Ya's round tummy, but the feeling that he got from the spear tip was extremely different.

Wait a minute....that was.....


A low resounding sound came out, Ya Ya who was round was like a flexible ball, after being stabbed fiercely, it resulted in an extremely large explosion, and while still feeling fear, Ya Ya only witnessed dazzlement before it could retreat.


Ya Ya transformed into a small black dot as it flew higher and higher.


The Blue Dwarf watched dumbstruck at the figure flying up into the sky, his spear, was one that he had used every ounce of strength in his body to unleash....and it actually...it actually did not even break through that little thing's skin....

T-that...that.....is that even skin....that small thing, is it a freak?

Little Fool's face, which was covered with killing intent also became weird, he saw the power in the thrust, and thought that Ya Ya would get pierced through, but he never thought that even the skin did not get cut, and....

Little Fool looked up at the little flying black dot, and had an unexplainable joyous feeling pouring all over him, that fellow must be here for the sake of being a joke....

The smile on his face flashed for a second, before Little Fool turned his gaze back to the old Blue Dwarf. Ya Ya had used its lock and trace ability, which proved that the target was difficult to find, and that meant that subduing him was also not easy.

But, just by relying on your meager strength to defend yourself, wishful thinking!

Little Fool's eyes turned cold, his figure suddenly disappeared. Blink!

In the next moment, he appeared behind where the Blue Dwarf attacked Ya Ya. That particular Blue Dwarf's strength was not ordinary, he immediately sensed danger, and swung his black spear behind him while following along the swerve with his body, and fiercely stabbed towards Little Fool.


The sword and spear tip struck each other accurately, inducing a spark. Little Fool sneered, he did not move at all, causing a chill to run down the Blue Dwarf's spine. Sensing that something was not right, it suddenly felt a pain from his chest. He was stunned, looking down, he noticed a black sword stabbing out from his chest.

The sword suddenly disappeared, he could only feel as the strength in his body drain away from him, he slumped, and his consciousness went away as well.

So fast.....

LIttle Fool did not relax himself, when the Ocean Prison Sword and the black spear connected, a black Qi had leaked from the spear tip onto Ocean Prison Sword, which the Void Dark Flames were unable to refine. Luckily, the Ocean Prison Sword also had the Spirit Devouring Flame coiling around.

The dim rainbow colored Spirit Devouring Flame, pounced onto the black Qi as though it smelt delicious food.

Little Fool was shocked, the Sacred Saint Galaxy was truly strange!

With all the information he had uncovered about the place, although the energy in Sacred Saint Galaxy was astonishing, but there were no spirits. To be able to make the Spirit Devouring Flame become so excited, what was that black qi?

But, now was not the time to think about that, capture that fellow first!

Little Fool's eyes flashed a trace of seriousness.

He disappeared once again.


Shi Yong used all of his strength to fly, everyone's faces were filled with anxiousness. No one anticipated that the Blue Tide this time would be so fearsome, in just a few days, almost all the villagers were drowned by the Blue Tide.

The Shang System was already a small system, and the Red Grass Planet was a planet so small that if it decreased anymore in size, it would not be called a planet anymore. The population did not even hit 60 thousand people, and they were all scattered very sparsely. Red Grass Planet only had one pathetic city, Precious Bright City.

This city, if placed in any other planet, would be just a small town.

Red Grass Planet was truly too poor, other than a few low grade materials, they had nothing. There were no powerhouses that wanted it, or even wanted to occupy it. Even bandits looked down on Red Grass Planet, showing how poor it was.

Shi Yong was in the Precious Bright Village Regiment, and it was considered the only military force on the Red Grass Planet. They were tasked with upholding the peace and security daily, and only accepting missions once in awhile to earn some income. The Precious Bright Regiment was the lowest level village regiment, they were not strong, but as all of them were locals, they were considered family to the villages, they never declined or frowned when it came to protecting their home.

Shi Yong was the Precious Bright Village Regiment's captain, and had gone out for two years. Because he was still not strong enough, he could return to the village, but inside the Regiment, he was considered powerful.

’’Shi Yong, is it truly that bad?’’ One of the members asked, he was afraid.

’’Yes.’’ Shi Yong replied: ’’Not only did it occur in Red Grass Planet, the Blue Tide also exploded in the Summer System, it seems like it occurred in a few planets at the same time. Only our Red Grass Planet suffered in the Shang System, the other two planets are safe.’’

’’Are you serious, why are we so unlucky!’’ Another member pouted.

’’No matter. At most, we will gather everyone and migrate to either Green Valley or Benevolent Plains.’’ Shi Yong sighed: ’’It's most likely that the Summer System is ruined this time. All three planets were invaded by the Blue Tide, I am afraid it is more of taking over instead of plundering.’’

Shang System and Summer System had bad ties, they had many disputes between each other. Summer System was not much stronger than Shang System, and in the past few years, Shi Yong and his group had suffered under the Summer System's people. But at this time, no one had the mood to rejoice at their downfall.

Every Time a Blue Tide occurred, rivers and streams of blood would form. The bigger systems were fine, they were organized and could defend against the Blue Tide. But to the smaller systems, it would always lead to them being drowned and killed.

This time, there were no signs of the Blue Tide occurring, and it was extremely huge and fearsome.

With the Precious Bright Village Regiment's little bit of strength, it was insufficient to even block off the vanguard of the Blue Dwarves, let alone the entire Blue Tide.

’’We can only do what we can and see what destiny awaits us, inform the rest, save as many as they can.’’ Shi Yong sighed.

The rest were silent.

Suddenly, Shi Yong's face changed: ’’Hey, listen to that, what is that sound?’’

The other members were startled, and immediately focused to listen.

’’It sounds like explosions.’’

’’Right ahead is the Red Grass Village, could it be...’’

All of their face changed, especially Shi Yong's, he bellowed: ’’Quick, let's go!’’

Very soon, they all saw Red Grass Village, and the scene before them completely stunned them.

Above the Red Grass Village, there was a giant mechanical man floating. Countless light pillars emerged from every corner of the village, the energy gathering on the giant mechanical man's body, the concentrated energy enveloping it, forming a circle of dazzling halo. Even from afar, they could sense the terrifying force emitting from it, it was so tyrannical, as if the giant mechanic was a War God!

The giant mechanical man waved his hand, and a light bullet shot out with a long tail of light behind it, flying far out!

Immediately, explosions came out from afar!

So strong!

Shi Yong was dumbstruck, the strength that the giant mechanical man was displaying was so strong that it made him want to worship and kneel to him. He had left home to travel the world, and seen all sorts of higher level regiments and army leaders. But no one had a strength that was comparable to the War God!

Following the light bullets shooting out, the light halo around the giant mechanical man dimmed down substantially. Shi Yong was able to see his figure more clearly, and his face became extremely shocked.

A huge and powerful figure!

He had seen those luxurious mechanical weapons before, compared to the beautiful and exquisite azure blue mechanical weapon in front of him, they were all tin cans and extremely ugly.

He did not dare think where did the important figure came from, to have the qualifications to mount on such a beautiful mechanical weapon.

’’Good job, once more.’’

’’Maintain the rhythm from just now.’’

The man's voice resonated outwards, awakening Shi Yong. He then noticed that the people inside the light regiments, were actually the villagers of Red Grass Village!

No way.....

Shi Yong felt as if all the knowledge he had about the world was being toppled, how could all the villagers actually produce such a formation? This must be an illusion.....how is it possible....

Wait a minute!

They are fighting something....

Shi Yong quivered, the mechanical machine had shocked him too greatly, causing him to forget the most important thing. The Blue Tide! The villagers were most probably fighting against the Blue Tide! Could it be that the Red Grass Village had met the Blue Tide?

Shi Yong took a deep breath and forced himself to remain calm and bellowed: ’’Let's go and take a look!’’

All the members around him had pale expressions and their legs were weak. Seeing that, Shi Yong ignored them and gathered his courage, before rushing towards the Red Grass Village.

But the route he chose was not running straight into Red Grass Village, but detouring and entering Red Grass Village from the side.

When he got near Red Grass Village, he felt as if the mechanical machine in the sky had glanced at him, and his body immediately froze, his mind going into a blank state.

He only regained his senses after ten seconds, his heart shuddering.

It was just a look, but it was brimming with such terrifying oppression....

Shi Yong swallowed his saliva with much difficulty. He did not dare raise his head to look at the mechanical machine. He carefully routed around the side of the Red Grass Village. To prevent a misunderstanding, he maintained a distance away from the village.

When he laid his eyes on the grounds ahead, his hands turned cold and the blood on his face was drained to completely.

Blue Tide!

The endless Blue Sea, caused people to feel despair, in front of the vast amount of Blue Dwarves, an individual's strength was definitely insufficient, and negligible.

He almost wanted to turn and run away, the fearsome Blue Tide was not something the Precious Bright City could ever defend against.


That was the only word in Shi Yong's mind, but after that, the intense shame surged from his heart. Other people were fighting against the Blue Tide, and the only thing I can think of is to run....that is too embarrassing!

Shi Yong closed his eyes and took in a few deep breaths. After calming himself down, he opened his eyes once again and evaluated the entire battlefield.

He wanted to see how they were handling against the Blue Tide, and maybe they still needed the help of the guards of Precious Bright City. Protecting the families was the most core mission of the Precious Bright Village Regiment, if they did not even attempt to protect them and leave, how could they ever straighten their backs facing their families and relatives ever again?

He looked on carefully.

But when his eyes landed on the figure amongst the Blue Tide, he helplessly sucked in cold air.

What a savage person!

The man was like a shooting star shooting up and down with the heavy hammer, holding it as if it was a toy, with all the daggers around it, it was like a meat grinder. His fighting method was extremely weird, jumping up and down like a frog, every time he landed there would be blood-curdling screams and howl of griefs, with meat flying everywhere.

Not one Blue Dwarf was able to get close to him, and all the spears that were flung at him, which numbered so greatly they looked like rain, but facing the wind formed by the meat grinder, they were like weak branches and all of them broke.

Wherever he landed, it would become a complete mess with no one surviving.

The front troops of the Blue Dwarves were broken and in disorder. The ear shattering explosions were like the support, and the man who was like a wild beast, inside the messy land.

So strong.....

Shi Yong was completely dumbstruck.

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