Undefeated God Of War - Chapter 565

Chapter 565 - Bandit King

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ursa Major Constellation.

Han Bing Ning wiped the sweat off her face. She had rested for around ten minutes, and was beginning the next cycle of training. The continuous training had caused her physical endurance to be at her limit, but she clenched her teeth and persevered, her sword techniques not in the least bit messy.

Her breathing became more rushed, as though she was unable to take it. Suddenly, a burst of warmth suddenly surged through her entire body, this warmth was extremely minute, but it caused her to be jolted awake.

Plop, she fell down.

She had no strength to climb back up, and just laid on the ground. Feeling the sweat slowly trickling down her cheek, feeling her own gasps for breath, she looked at the ceiling in a daze.

Although my talent is ordinary, but I am not willing to watch your back as you go further and further.

Thinking about that burst of warmth, her cool face that was covered with perspiration suddenly blossomed a smile.

Half an hour later, she finally struggled to stand up. She took a shower and changed her clothes to wash the fatigue off her body, before she headed to the dining room. To aid their focus in training, there was a specialized dining area for them. The food there was cooked meticulously, and was nourishing for their bodies.

Ah Mo Li, Liang Qiu, and Sima Xiang Shan were already waiting for her. The four of them all came from the same place, so they had a strong rapport, they trusted one another, and they had a tacit understanding between each other,

’’Bing Bing is slower this time.’’ Sima Xiang Shan laughed.

Ah Mo Li's face was completely buried in his plate, which was much bigger than the others. He devoured his food, while Liang Qiu smiled at Han Bing Ning.

Han Bing Ning held her plate with two hands and walked over to the table. After sitting down, she took two mouth of food, and suddenly spoke: ’’I managed to grasp some things.’’

Sima Xiang Shan was startled, Liang Qiu paused and immediately put down his chopsticks. Ah Mo Li raised his head from his plate, completely disregarding the food all over his face.

’’You succeeded?’’

The three of them asked in unison.

The four of them had also participated in the Reducing Energy Transformation, and had walked the dao of Zero Energy Body. Their current Zero Energy Bodies were mostly stimulated with Tang Tian's methods. They used energy to provoke the Zero Energy Bodies, to increase the repelling effect of the Zero Energy Body.

The four of them were frequently discussing, and in the end, there was a day where Sima Xiang Shan who had all the weirdest ideas, suddenly made a brazen guess: The Zero Energy Bodies should have a unique ability.

Sima Xiang Shan had thought through it, almost all the blood meridians had unique abilities.

And although the Zero Energy Bodies had the repelling power, and strengthened bodies, but compared to other blood meridians, all these strengths were not considered unique abilities.

Sima Xiang Shan's train of thought was unconventional, he felt that the Zero Energy Bodies did not have much difference compared to other blood meridians in terms of its intrinsic qualities. It definitely had some other unique ability, but it had not been tapped into yet. Just like how a blood meridian's ability could be awakened, most likely the Zero Energy Body also required a unique way to awaken.

Sima Xiang Shan's idea attracted the interest of everyone. Tang Tian's idea was more towards research and studies from the Saint Unit.

Since there were so many Saints listening to him and researching, this sideline project roused a few of them up, without any losses. In the next few days, the four of them kept on thinking towards that direction, every time they sat down to eat, they would spend that time discussing.

Their progress was very little, but they were not discouraged, because they also knew it was just a bold thought.

But secretly, they were all more optimistic about Han Bing Ning. They all had different temperaments, Ah Mo LI was dauntless, Sima Xiang Shan was more crafty and had many ideas, Liang Qiu was the most earnest, while Han Bing Ning was the most calm and cool, and such people usually had more breakthroughs.

But, when they heard that Han Bing Ning had grasped something, they were all extremely excited.

’’It is a strange power, take a look.’’

Han Bing Ning held a chopstick like a sword, her expression became serene, and a grey flame quietly extended along the chopstick.

Everyone was dumbstruck.


The forever unchanging scenery, was desolate and barren. The sound of ancient expeditions seemed to never dissipate, and could only mix in the wind.

A group slowly advanced forward.

Other than the young lady who was at the front in her dark green military uniform, the rest were a monotonous grey color.

After fighting so many battles consecutively, everyone was exhausted, and thus the group advanced silently.

They finally stopped in front of a dark red river. The large river was relentless as the blood waves churned about. The vast river surface made them have the feeling of drifting along the ocean of blood.

If the current ancient battlefield was a grey world, then with the blood river as a boundary between worlds, the other side was a block world. The black earth seemed to be boundless, and looked extremely sinister.

’’After crossing this river, and going through that Burnt Earth Desolate Grounds, we will arrive there.’’ Xiao Ran placed a hand on her forehead like a shade covering her eyes, trying to see as far as she could.

’’That's right that's right, once we reach Sacred Saint Galaxy, we can dress Xiao Ran up as a fairy.’’ Ah Xin laughed cheekily, looking very indecent.

Xiao Ran glanced at Ah Xin.

Ever since the last time, Ah Xin seemed to have changed, although he was still as mischievous, but Xiao Ran could feel that he was completely different. That's right, his eyes, Ah Xin's eyes aren't covered with a layer of fog, but there was a starry light in his eyes, which was also like a blaze, as though something in him had been ignited.

’’Do you even have money?’’ Xiao Ran looked at him with disdain.

Ah Xin was startled for a moment, usually at this time, shouldn't there be a leg flying to kick at him? Or maybe the big broadsword would smack him flying? Or did she had a change of heart?

Ahahahaha, did the lioness suddenly become a docile lamb? To actually have such a thought, my brain must definitely be on a lockdown, oh no, it must be because of the number of battles I went through....


The broadsword swept over, smacking Ah Xin and causing him to exhale out, now this is normal....

Since the start of the journey, they were fighting practically every day, they had put together an army of spirit generals, which kept on shrinking. The current number was only a quarter of their initial population, so one could only imagine the bitterness of the journey.

But on the bright side, although there was only a quarter left, all these spirit generals were extremely strong.

The spoils of wars were their best nourishment.

Qian Hui looked at the bank on the opposite side, her pupils blossoming a light aura that resembled sunlight, so bright that no one could stare straight into her eyes. The battle of the Burnt Earth Desolate Grounds would be even more cruel, but she was not afraid at all, and with a stern expression, she ordered: ’’Cross the river!’’

Ah Xin and Xiao Ran kept their cheekiness, their hearts shuddered and shouted in unison: ’’Yes!’’


At the Temple.

’’Ursa Major Constellations movements have been weird recently, they are strengthening Three Spirits City, we need to take note of their movements.’’ A bald elder spoke.

’’Weird? Why?’’ Another elder rebuted: ’’Three Spirits City has always been their main base, although Fornax Constellation is also theirs, but Three Spirits City is in the Spirit Region, and is more convenient to move to from Libra Constellation, anyways they are collaborators.’’

’’Then why must they take Wu An Star as well?’’ The bald elder asked: ’’What is there worth to occupy? And announce their authority over it? They even sent their armies over, there is definitely something fishy over there....’’

This time even the Great Clan Elder who suggested the meeting could not take it anymore, he interrupted him: ’’Maybe he reminiscences about his past, or maybe he wants to take care of his mother's tomb, or maybe he wants to take care of his old teacher, or maybe the army will make Tang Tian feel even more dashing, alright, there are so many possibilities, but how can it be weird? He is just returning to his hometown in glory, that is all.’’

The other elders nodded their heads.

What was so weird about incorporating his old home to Ursa Major Constellation? Even if the Bear King did any such things, it would not be considered weird.

The bald elder's face was flushed red, he was still about to argue back strongly.

The great clan elder did an action to stop him: ’’Maybe you are right! But we are unable to fight against two Ecliptic Palace Constellations, and let alone three. At this time if we were to provoke the Bear, it would be deemed really stupid. I believe you will agree with what I say.’’

The bald elder sat down fuming, but did not say anything. That's right, even if Tang Tian was doing something fishy in Wu An Star, so what?

Do they want to announce that they were going to war with Ursa Major Constellation?

The Great Clan Elder said with please: ’’Now we will discuss about the problems with Leo Constellation. I think that we cannot allow the battle to drag on further. I suggest to mobilize the entire Temple!’’

Mobilize the entire Temple!

The entire place immediately went into an uproar, chairs fell to the ground, a few elders had jumped up, and even many more elders were overwhelmed with shock. The number of times that the Temple had been fully mobilized in history could be counted with one hand. The last time it had occurred dated back to over 20 years ago.

The Great Clan Elder acted as though he could not see the uproar as he continued to speak.

’’The battle has been dragged for too long, and we should not hold back anymore. Do not forgot about the reason for the Temple, and the date is approaching. The enmity between us and the Ecliptic Palaces will never be defused. The reason why they had not taken action, is because we beat them 20 years ago, so they still harbor fear towards us, and are wary of us. If we allow the fighting to drag on, other constellations will fear us less and less. At that time, they will come and strike us like ravenous wolves, and eat us to the bones, and that will vanquish the plans to take over Heaven's Road.’’

’’At this time, death and injuries have no meaning.’’

’’We only need to win!’’

’’Only by winning will we be able to wait for the support from the big army. Before the big army arrives, we can only struggle alone without any support.’’

’’Everyone, we are destined to be the enemies of Heaven's Road, There can only be one victor between Heaven's Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy!’’

The Great Clan Elder glanced at the entire group in front of him, his eyes were stern, and no one dared to look straight back at him.

The uproar disappeared, and everyone quieted down.


The battlefield was a mess, the aged Blue Dwarf was under protection and retreating back in panic. When the Blue Dwarf with the black spear was killed, they all realized the danger that was going after them.

But a pity, they met with Little Fool who knew how to blink.

When the guards were crisscrossing, Little Fool's eyes suddenly shrunk, a gap!

His body disappeared, following that, he appeared behind the aged Blue Dwarf like a ghost, there was only a small fine space, and Little Fool fit in there perfectly.

No one had noticed the gap there.

Before the Blue Dwarves had regained their senses, Little Fool had already placed his sword at the aged Blue Dwarf's neck, using his other hand to grab the aged Blue Dwarf, they both disappeared with Blink.

In an instant, Little Fool appeared with the old Blue Dwarf in the sky.

The ground was in a mess, all the Blue Dwarves around were in panic, and when a Blue Dwarf spotted Little Fool and their leader in the air, he wailed, and knelt on the ground.

More and more of them started to notice the old Blue Dwarf with Little Fool, they all howled in anguish, and started to kneel on the ground.

The big battlefield, after the howls of anguish, sank into dead silence.

Tang Tian who was killing in excitement suddenly realized that the Blue Dwarves around him were not resisting, and stopped. He raised his head to look. When he saw Little Fool holding onto their leader in the air, he was startled for a moment, and immediately revealed a joyous expression.

Ya Ya crawled out from a deep hole in the ground, its ashen face was filled with anger. It rubbed it's belly, and when it saw Little Fool in the air, it immediately forgot it's pain and squeaked with all its might while waving its hands.

Shouts of joy came out from the village in the distance.

Shi Yong who was observing the battle, could hardly believe his own eyes, this....we won?

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