Little Ancestor
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Duan Yuche’s father provided financial aid to a poor student from the mountain area. The poor student’s parents were both dead, and he was taken home by his father to live together and attended the same school with him. The uninvited guest was very tacky, with holes in his socks and patches on his clothes. The worst thing was that the poor student was a Tsinghua preparatory student, and his father asked the poor student to make up classes for him all day long. The sickest thing was that the poor student said he liked him??? Subsequently, Duan Yuche went to study abroad and had no further contact. A few years later, his father went bankrupt and died of illness. Duan Yuche went home dejected and depressed. The poor student transformed and turned into a big boss—— He thought he would retaliate against him, but he didn’t expect that he merely hugged him and said, “Uncle is gone. Gege will take care of you in the future.”
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Romance   Shounen Ai