This Ninja Is Obviously Not Strong but Really Hard to Kill
· ✍️ 无面凄凉
Ding! The system activated the mission! [Look at this sick old man in front of you. Let us pull out his oxygen tube and send him off. Let’s give him a peaceful mercy teehee~] Shinomiya Aoba was stunned. The old man mentioned by the dog system seemed to be a little strong… Looking at the Gedo Mado Pipe inserted in the back of ‘old age Madara’, he was silent and even wanted to laugh. Do you mean his ‘oxygen tube’? You want me to die?! In addition… The super suicide missions have been released: [Personally experiencing the ultimate meaning of the Eight Inner Gates! —Take a hard kick of ‘Night Guy’ and shout out, ‘I would not call you the strongest!’] [Give Otsutsuki Kaguya a Thousand-Year Kill! —And record this beautiful moment!] [Art is Explosion… and SpongeBob Squarepants! —-To accompany Deidara to self-destruct!] [Inviting Terumi Mei to host the wedding —No less than a hundred words of congratulations!] In addition, there were many other kinds of death-seeking missions waiting to be opened. And when the main character looked back many years later, everyone was holding back a sentence of “Damn it, he’s crazy!” “This Ninja clearly didn’t look very strong, so why did he not die even after doing this?” This was probably a poor child who had been dragged onto a path of death by a shitty system that’s on seeking death.