Don’t Touch My Healer
· ✍️ 起个名那么难
Gong (Top) :Anyone who wants to touch my healer must die. Shou (Bottom):No one can kill me even if I solo. ———————- In the pre-match interview of the Wilderness S5 World Championship, the captain of the Lubo team from China sincerely warned their opponents: “Don’t touch my Healer. Thank you.” No one took his words to heart except for another Chinese team that qualified from the same division. Three days later, the whole world only knows — Don’t ever touch his healer. Commentator A: “Now we see the America team’s carry heading towards LOBO’s Healer. What kind of approach will LOBO take to-” Commentator B: ” Alright. The American team’s carry died instantly. My heart did not fluctuate at all. I even feel like asking KILL God : Did you have fun killing today? ” Roguish Pirate Thief Gong X Salted fish nanny that is extremely stress-resistant Shou Salted Fish*= Someone who wins without doing anything Nanny* = Healers. Called nannies because they replenish milk (Health)