Saving The Tragic Male Lead
· ✍️ 卟许胡来
After Xiao Yan died she transmigrated into different books. The heroes in those books were all weak, pitiful, and beautiful, but they were all hurt by the original heroine and blackened. Xiao Yan decided to rescue those tragic heroes and meanwhile learned to cherish them. 1. Save the Blackened Husband 2. Go to his white moonlight 3. The Rich and Tsundere Prince 4. The Little leopard pretending to be A 5. To Conquer the Queen of Long 6. The s*ave’s Counterattack 7. The Coveted Rabbit Master 8. The Autistic young man 9. The Overbearing president’s Vice President Extras 10. Feeding a sick young child husband Lang 11. Catching a scheming little wild cat 12. The Routine Hill Bandit 13. The Semi-entertainment Baby PS: The male-lead in every world is the same person. And female-lead is superior.