I was Idle and Cool
· ✍️ 时镜
Transmigrated as a widow and live a noble life? That’s nice. Just teach the children, drink some wine, listen to operas, and even sneak a few little wolf dogs when you’re free. Gee, don’t be too unrestrained. Lu Jinxi’s golden abacus rattled loudly, but who would have guessed that human’s calculations were not as good as heaven’s calculations? At first glance, the man in the picture was a painted skin demon. He wished he could tear her apart and swallow her whole. He finally ran out of tricks and asked her to remarry. The crippled concubine-born son was actually the former crown prince who was secretive and coveted the mother. What’s even more terrifying was… The deceased husband who had died in the battlefield for six years came back from the dead.