Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister
· ✍️ 年年不吃鱼 / Do Not Eat Fish Every Year
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead’s house. Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then— who, aren’t you a good brother to the male protagonist?  Why are you sticking to me? What?  You like me? What?  You want to marry me? Damn it!  You stole my household registration book! ! !