Queen and Her Duke
· ✍️ 阿娴大大
[My iron cavalry has ravaged/destroyed all the land of Europe, my barges are all over the world, and my Golan is glorious] One hand was handcuffed high… In the dark dungeon, Wen Lin sat down against the damp stone wall with difficulty, Staring at the mysterious blue eyes, Queen Vicia looked at the untamable pirate in front of her with interest. The dirty breast wrapping skirt was torn and torn off. The Queen approached fearlessly, with one hand gently strangling it. A soft throat that can easily be lethal “Tell me how you will submit to me,” “Your Majesty, I don’t want fiefs, I don’t want favors, I want you.” Noble, mysterious, graceful, and charming, through the hazy light, Wen Lin suddenly lowered her head and licked the cool lips of the person in front of her.