My Vests Are All Over The World
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“Sanctuary” was the first holographic online game of the Blue Star system. Qiao Nan unified the devil race, pacified the human world, and almost killed the gods when the “Sacred Realm” was deleted. Qiao Nan, who should have been ejected from the game, was trapped in the game, experiencing one censored internal test after another. During this period, Qiao Nan changed countless camps, magic, elves, sea, human, and even the divine realm, relying on the deletion of the file, but also recklessly increasing the goodwill of the NPCs and races. Then on a day when Qiao Nan was quietly unaware, “Sanctuary” was publicly tested. Thinking the file had been again, Qiao Nan once again chose the Demon camp. The man who was appointed by him as the Archduke of the Demon Clan knelt down on one knee and kissed his hand. Welcome back, my king Qiao Nan: ???? However, the situation was still much more than that, and when he went to the other races, he found that things seemed to be a bit big. The high priest of the elves, the prince of the sea race who had been imprisoned for a hundred years, the great hero of the human race a hundred years ago, and the god of light …… who was forced to sleep in the divine realm all cast a respectful yet frenzied gaze at him. Qiao Nan: Wait, what’s going on?! The worlds seemed to have…… fused.
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