The President Mistook Him For A Canary!
· ✍️ 顾三跃
Zhuo Shu recently found a small star who was cold and indifferent, neither clingy nor demanding. Zhuo Shu approved of him very much. Bringing the small star out in public would make him look good as well. However, this small star was incredibly passive in his behaviour. One night, Zhuo Shu took the initiative to question the small star. “Tell me, what resources do you want?” Ying Tongchen: “Resources? I want the premium edition of ‘Five-Three Preparation Questions’, the concise version of ‘College Entrance Examination Mock Papers’ and a copy of ‘The ABC’s of English Grammar’.” Zhuo Shu slowly typed out a series of question marks: ???? – Ying Tongcheng, an excellent English teacher, made the mistake of going on a date with a handsome guy one day. The guy was the handsome and wealthy type and his biggest hobby was playing with money. Ying Tongcheng looked at the extra string of zeros in his *** and said, “I’m a man of principles.” Zhuo Shu slowly typed out a string of question marks: ????