I Am Your Father
· ✍️ 李狗血
You are a drop in the ocean, but also my ocean. Beautiful immortal sect leader gong (Si Jie) x demonic sect leader shou (Li Zhi) [Goudan chapters] Li Goudan’s favorite thing was whenever his father Li Zhi would lie in the sun by the creek wiggling his legs and describe his mother animatedly: white skin, beautiful, thin waist and long legs…. He squatted beside him, washing his clothes, listening to him until the sunset. Until one day, a person with white skin and beautiful long legs really came to the village. But said to him, “I’m your father.” [Li Zhi chapters] Li Zhi remembered that he had met Si Jie a total of three times. The first time, Li Zhi was beaten like a dog by Si Jie and couldn’t get up from the ground for half a month. The second time, the sect was slaughtered and Li Zhi was revealed to be an omega. When he met Si Jie, he thought that he, a puddle of mud, wanted to stain him, the flower on a high mountain. After that, seven years slipped by. Nevertheless, Si Jie still found his door. This third meeting didn’t have the expected scolding, beating, or killing. Puzzled, Li Zhi wondered if he was trying to steal the child. [Si Jie chapters] Not just three times. He couldn’t recognize him for one day, and then, for many days.