The Cannon Fodder is Prepared to Divorce
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Shen Mingbei had always followed Qu Lang without any complaints or regrets. Everyone believed that he deeply loved Qu Lang, including Qu Lang himself. Then, Qu Lang’s White Moonlight suddenly returned. Everyone was watching this good show – waiting for Shen Mingbei and Qu Lang’s quarrel – including Qu Lang. Shen Mingbei knew he was just a cannon fodder. He also knew that if he wanted to leave, he had to patiently wait for the plot to finish. He wasn’t in a hurry. The White Moonlight finally returned; whilst Qu Lang and his White Moonlight’s reunion was trending, Shen Mingbei sighed in relief. Shen Mingbei: Let’s divorce. I’ve already drawn up an agreement. Shen Mingbei: If you don’t have time, you can ask your assistant for help. Just sign it. Qu Lang: ??? >> [The prodigal son returned]: My wife wants to divorce me, is there still enough time for me to cry? [Netizen replied]: Can crying solve the problem? Admit your mistakes, buy bags, and praise your wife’s beauty! … [The prodigal son returned]: Update. Crying can solve the problem!
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