The Play of Lips and Teeth
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Before the people, they use their lips as spears and their tongues as swords. In private, though, their lips and teeth are interlocked. Second Persona Official Weibo: “When a variety program has a xiangsheng actor and a well-known presenter swap their jobs with one another, what spark will arise from the meeting of their ‘violent mouths’? @ZhouChenYu @YanZhao” Yan Zhao: That xiangsheng-talking mouth, that crafty, swindling ghost. [Smile] Zhou Chenyu: In public, lips as spears, tongues as swords. In private, lips and teeth are interlocked. [Shy] — Q: “As an emcee, how do you fry business CP with a xiangsheng actor?” A: “He will use roasting to let the whole world know that you’re his wifey.” Q: “As a xiangsheng actor, what’s the consequence of on-stage calling your business partner ‘wifey’ over and over?” A: “I called and called, then got XXXed by said wifey.” __ Author’s PS: 1. MC/Presenter x Xiangsheng Actor, Tsundere Gong x Sand Sculpture Shou, Power Couple. 2. Made-up entertainment industries, most of the show plots are blindly woven original. Don’t take it too seriously. 3. The author is uncultured, and knowledge on traditional arts is superficial at most. For the topic involving this in the text, just take it for fun, don’t go crosscheck. Translator’s Note: Xiàngsheng is, in the simplest of terms, a double act comedy. The literal translation would be ‘Crosstalk’. It is usually performed by a duo where the performers banter with each other. There is usually singing and acting included.
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