She is the Escape Boss
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The horror escape game BOSS Lin Xiaotang woke up and found that she was bound to a quick transmigration system. Her mission is to go to various worlds and save those villains with miserable backgrounds. Only– Save the villain? What’s the point? Her choice is to replace them and become the biggest villain. ① In the world of modern entertainment industry : The down-and-out artist who was hacked by the whole network suddenly has the ability to control the nightmare. ② In the world of cultivation : All things surrender to her. ③ In the world of a modern stallion man who counterattacks : the male protagonist who broke his engagement with his fiancée, finally reached a height that he could not look up to. ④ In the world of running away with the ball : She is the ball. ⑤ In the world of ghosts and exorcists : Her mission is….to promote science? …………………………..….. This is probably the story of how a horror escape BOSS grows up into a big villain step by step.
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Comedy   Drama