The Boss of the Escape Game is My Husband
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In the haunted house, evil spirits run rampant. Gu An: Husband, hug QAQ Other Players: Isn’t this person scared and s*upid? Acting like a pampered brat toward the evil spirit…… Then, they saw with their own eyes as the evil spirit dissipated the black qi around him, retracted his sharp blade-like claws, and gently hugged Gu An in his arms with a careful appearance, as if he had finally found the lost treasure he had been searching for for a long time. In the secret room, evil spirits were scattered everywhere. Gu An: Husband, open the door. Other Players: Is this person hallucinating? What are you daydreaming about…… Then, right in front of them, the door opened! They looked at the terrifying evil spirit as it stopped attacking, thawed its coldness, and hugged Gu An gently and preciously, as if it was embracing its entire world. Other Players: face pain QAQ Are we really not playing a game?!!
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Drama   Romance   Fantasy   Horror   Yaoi   Supernatural   Shounen Ai