Doomsday Cruise
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At the moment when the sun went down, Mother Earth finally got tired of the parasites on her body, and suddenly exploded for the sake of one hundred. One by one bizarre fragments floated past before her eyes. Before her consciousness dissipated, Mo Xiaoyao grabbed one of them and got into the dungeon. When she arrived at her destination after a thousand hardships, what appeared in front of her was a huge cruise ship. Under the gangway, the man in the shipmate’s uniform bowed to her: “Ma’am, are you getting on board?” Mo Xiaoyao looked at his octopus-like face with a calm expression: “Of course.” — One day in 24-year-old Mo Xiaoyao’s natal year*, the earth suddenly exploded. She thought she was going to die, but after touching the magic fragment, she entered the dungeon world and began her cruise journey. The racetrack in the mist, the weird circus, the seemingly casual but murderous hot spring town, the tragic team battles where human beings have to kill each other… The only goal of struggling to survive was to reach end point of the cruise ship alive with her companions – to Paradise. *natal year in Chinese zodiac is a year where a person’s age equal to a multiple of 12.
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Action   Comedy   Adventure   Fantasy   Psychological   Supernatural