Within the Web Streaming Business
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Qiao Huaiyao and Bai Jinyan were neighbors across the street. They grew up together and were very close. However, after the college entrance examination, Bai Jinyan suddenly began to alienate himself. Qiao Huaiyao asked him several times to no avail. Just as the admission notice from the prestigious school came down, Qiao Huaiyao went to another province in a fit of anger. A few years later, he received a strange call, and there was only a brief apology on the other end of the phone. Later, Qiao Huaiyao saw the news of the car accident on TV. When he returned to China to attend the funeral, he saw Bai Jinyan’s diary when he was helping to sort out the relics. His name was written all over it, and everything on it depicted unspoken love. That night, Qiao Huaiyao stayed in Bai Jinyan’s room for a long time and woke up to find that he had returned to the year he first entered school. Qiao Huaiyao bought a ticket immediately, turned around, and went home with his luggage.
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