The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old
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The characters who have been bullied and humiliated in the parallel world are all blackened after rebirth. Many Victims: Once I am reborn, I will never let go of those who hurt me in the past – especially Gu You You! However, they all found that the arrogant and domineering villain in the future…was only three and a half years old this year. The three-year-old Xiao You You had a round face, short legs, and a dumb head. When the reborn step-sister came back from foster care in the countryside, You You with tears in her eyes, hugged her step-sister’s thighs and said, “Sister, you have suffered…” The reborn step-sister full of hostility, “???” The disabled elder brother who was reborn looked indifferent and vigilant in the rainstorm until You You came to hold an umbrella for him with short legs and said, “Brother, don’t worry about the rain, I have the umbrella and you have me!” The brother who was never called brother in his previous life, “???” This is the story of the poor people who were bullied by the heroine in the parallel world and healed by the little angel here – Filled with a few fantasy elements, such as the hero is the king of the jungle – A big lion.
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