I Ran Away After Flirting with the Paranoid Male Protagonist
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Jiang Chuyan became the vicious wife who abused and humiliated the male lead Yu Yuan in the novel and ended up dying from excessive blood loss. Because the male protagonist drained his blood to save his White Moonlight. When Jiang Chuyan appeared, he was holding a long whip in his hand and his feet stomped on the male lead’s back. Jiang Chuyan’s legs were weak and he said with a shaky voice: “Hey, Husband QAQ” In order not to collapse, Jiang Chuyan worked hard to be a cruel villain. He tortured the protagonist, making him study day and night, and he could only sleep five hours a day. The male protagonist receives a special bag. Jiang Chuyan insulted him and made him his personal servant, forcing him to dress him and help him shower. The protagonist looked at the white jade body in front of him, and delusions surged through his heart. To further torture the male lead, Jiang Chuyan intends to say something disgusting to the male lead. Jiang Chuyan’s eyes were red with embarrassment, and her peach blossom eyes were glowing: “Oh you annoying goblin, come and please me.” Yu Yuan knelt on one knee, his eyes were pitying: “Yea.” Jiang Chuyan : …? Jiang Chuyan’s earlobes were red: “Ten million for one night!” Yu Yuan’s eyes were fascinated: “Okay, if the money isn’t enough, I’ll do it for free.” Jiang Chuyan: …?
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