Villain’s Delicate and Charming Wife
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When the beautiful lawyer, Jiang Yao, woke up, she transmigrated to a novel and became the green-tea female character of the novel. Throughout the story, this character has been creating strife between the male protagonist and female protagonist, and finally met her tragic end. She have all the money, beauty, and wisdom, and yet, they expect her to cling to that dog man? Only crazy person would continue to lick that dog! Lawyer Jiang quickly turned around and went to hug the thigh of the main villain, Lu Che. Although he is now covered with patches and despised by everyone, but in the future, he will be a famous business tycoon. So, when the educated youth site was on the verge of collapse, Jiang Yao took the initiative to take refuge in the Lu family’s house. However, when Jiang Yao happily lived in the Lu family’s house, she noticed that, the way the fierce man looked at her became more and more suspicious…
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Romance   Fantasy   Sweet