Survivorship Bias
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In the server called “Holy Altar”, a survival game among the upper class is officially launched. Amongst alliances, betrayals, and human games of deceit, surviving is the only logical solution. After the smoke, only the survivors can speak. The amnesiac An Wujiu witnessed the people around him being shot down in the moment he opened his eyes. At the moment of doubt, the hovering green message went off in front of his eyes. [Variable name: An Wujiu Attributes: Male, 20 years old Game round: 5 Win Rate: 100/100 Danger Rating: SSS] No wonder they’re scared. ——– The first time he saw An Wujiu, Shen Ti felt curious, the kindness and vulnerability in those eyes weren’t fake. He thought, how could this person survive in the Holy Altar. Until he saw the sudden change in this person’s character: reckless gambling regardless of the cost, the right words and materials at his hand, the excitement he felt even at death’s door, and his calculating methods to victory. Only then did Shen Ti realized that his cognition has been rather biased. Fortunately, he’s not a normal person either anyway.
MTL   Shou   Fantasy Future   Serious   BL  
Action   Horror   Mystery   Psychological   Qiang Qiang