Chang’an Small Restaurant
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Drizzles in the wind, a small shop with pennants, and flower-like vintners. Xinfeng’s fine wine, tenderly-fresh sunflowers shoots, and superb delicacies. Lin Yan, Shaoyin of Jingzhao laid his eyes on the restaurant’s owner who has skin as fair as snow and beautiful apricot eyes. It was pitiful and pathetic for a young lady from high-society to fall into the situation of selling wine… Yet Shen Shaoguang thought: With wines and delicacies, and being able to see handsome young lads pass by…Life is treating her well enough! Lin Yan’s expression was heavy, these young lads dress up fancily every day, showing off themselves and playing boring games like rooster fights and dog races…It’s time to straighten them out!
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Transmigration   Delicious Food