School Heroine Secretly Loves Me
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“Wen Wenyao is so good-looking, don’t you feel moved?” The system began to doubt… Song Nanqiao: “No… I don’t…” System: “But your match value with her is 100%, you will definitely like her…” Song Nanqiao: “I don’t!” Song Nanqiao is all about study and work, not about love But Song Nanqiao slowly discovered that the heroine was quietly paying attention to her. One night, Wen Wenyao grabbed the corner of her coat, deliberated, and said shyly, “Did you used to…liked me…” Song Nanqiao: “Ah…that…used to like, but now probably not.” Wen Wenyao took her hand and whispered in her ear, “But I’ve liked you for a long time…I like you so much…Can you give me a chance to chase you?”
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Drama   Tragedy   School Life   System   Perfect Match