I Really Want to Sleep Until I Wake Up Naturally
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Big news: Fu Xuechen, the great God of mathematics department, is making friends with the little cutie of the Chinese department. Her roommate pressed her: “I heard that the great God is chasing you!!!” Ran Xing with a blank face: “He didn’t chase me!” Her roommate asked, “What is he looking for you?” Ran Xing looked at the sleeping God: “Lying on the desk next to me and sleeping.” Roommate: “…” Fu Xuechen is a patient with severe insomnia. His dark circles are comparable to those of Gaara. He was prepared for sudden death long before he met Ran Xing. But after one look, he fell asleep on his desk. He simply asked for her timetable and slept next to her every day. Later, Ran Xing rented a house outside. Her roommate asked her for something and rang the bell. But Fu Xuechen, who was only wearing pajamas, opened the door. The roommate quickly apologized: “Sorry, I went to the wrong place.” Fu Xuechen said lazily: “You didn’t go wrong. She’s inside!” Roommate: “…” She said that the great God did not chase her!!!
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