I Obviously Just Want to be a Minor Character
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Traversing is a good thing, but crossing into a world that is too dangerous is an undoubtedly bad thing. Therefore, Su Ming decided to be a dragon, not to train himself as the sword god of Shilipo, and vowed not to give up. However…… “I was a neighbor who lived near your house when I was young, and I played with you since I was young. Have you forgotten?” “You are my benefactor. If it weren’t for the piece of bread you gave me at the beginning, I wouldn’t have today. Therefore, I will use my whole life to repay you.” “Everyone treats me as a monster. Only you always treat me as a human being. In this life, I will only recognize you.” When the spotlight appeared in front of his eyes one after another, Su Ming’s whole body was not good. This person is not tricky at all! ! !
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