The Villain’s Memories Revealed
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Jiang Zhige got transmigrated into the book he was reading and became the notorious villain “Demon Emperor” who was getting besieged by many cultivators including the male protagonist and female protagonists, making him fall into a fatal situation. Just as Jiang Zhige was about to die, he unexpectedly awakened the Life Memory Editing System which, as its name implies, could rewrite Demon Emperor’s past and reveal it to the world. As a result, parts of heart-wrenching memories appeared on the light curtain projecting in front of the world, laid bare for everyone to watch. “Rou’er, you must always remember, be a beggar rather than a s*ave. As long as I’m still alive, I will never let you become a s*ave or a maid.” “Ziyan, if it is for you, I have nothing to lose in becoming a demon. What’s the harm in being an enemy of the world?” The world would finally understand his actions when everything comes to light. Everything he, Demon Emperor, did was to shelter his loved ones and protect the world.
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