The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular
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As the other person’s stand-in, he humbly falls in love with the president. Xue Yingshuang was a stand-in, and humbly fell in love with Xing Yun…’s salary paid. As the other person’s stand-in, Xue Yingshuang wishes he could never be separated from the president for the rest of his life. He is a stand-in, and he must get off work at one o’clock. The president’s white moonlight came back, other stand-ins were sad, and depressed. They couldn’t handle the jealousy and finally left with a dead heart. Xing Yun’s white moonlight came back, and Xue Yingshuang had no waves. He enthusiastically served white moonlight and shone brightly at work. Xing Yun: Little stand-in, is this your little trick to seduce me? Xue Yingshuang: Misunderstood. Xing Yun: Do you want to suffer in silence and finally leave secretly, driving me crazy? Xue Yingshuang: You think too much, how can I leave? I still have half a year of social security before I can receive unemployment insurance. Xing Yun: ? Xue Yingshuang: I also haven’t received the year-end bonus you sent me yet. Xing Yun: ?? Xue Yingshuang: I didn’t get my paid annual leave either. Xing Yun: ??? Xue Yingshuang: Wait until I get the money and put it towards a vacation.
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