Allure of the World
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In her previous life, she loved a prince who didn’t love her back. She was framed and her heart was torn out. After rebirth, she wanted to live unrestrainedly, but accidentally married Ling Chen, the Fourth Prince who was calculating, manipulative, and had bad reputation. Conspiracy, hypocrisy, greed, framing, blackmail, she took them all one by one. Getting a big payoff for a small effort, love is like a sharp knife! Lan Ling: Why did Wangye climb over the wall and come to my room? Ling Chen: Why do you think I’m here? Lan Ling: Does Wangye likes climbing to someone else’s bed in the middle of the night? Ling Chen: Presumptuous! How is this someone else’s bed?
Female   Romance   Classic   Light   Love  
Drama   Historical   Fantasy   Martial Arts   Rebirth