Just simply love you
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Ji Ran has liked Yan Qing for many years, and waited for her for many years, but what she waited for was her telling herself that she was engaged to someone else. It was raining heavily outside and there was no one there. Ji Ran was squatting in the rain alone and weeping. It was Su Mei who came to her with an umbrella. At that moment, Ji Ran raised her eyes, as if she saw a beam of light shining into her dark world. The two met again at a wedding banquet. Su Mei was mocked and mocked by Li Xiao. Ji Ran stretched out his hand to Su Mei: "Su Mei, would you like to come with me?" Su Mei smiled and held the one Hand, softly said: "Okay." Halfway up the mountain, Yan Qing was allergic, and Lu Jiang was helpless. The two passed by, and Ji Ran took medicine from the backpack and gave them to them. Yan Qing took the medicine and looked at Su Mei: "Of course, I didn't expect you to keep this habit." Su Mei's expression became cold, Ji Ran leisurely took out various medicines from her backpack: "This is the first time I went out with Su Mei, I was afraid of any accident, so I prepared some medicines." At night, the crowd dispersed, and the two ran to the top of the mountain to watch the stars. In the empty night, under the starry river, Ji Ran looked at Su Mei: "Su Mei, I like you, I really like you."
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