Sweetheart Wife
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There is a silly girl in the Yu family in Hehua Village. Eighteen years old, can't speak, can't work. Demented, sitting under the jujube tree at the entrance of the village all day. Children in the village love to tease her, pick up stones and red dates and throw them at her, smashing her. She doesn't cry or make trouble. She secretly hides the jujube on her body in the palm of her hand. There was a woman in the village who made a living by fishing. She had an odd temper and was not easy to get along with. But when passing by the entrance of the village, she would pass a candied haws to the silly girl. That day, the silly girl had a small face with a blue nose and a swollen face, and held a messy bag of rags in her arms. The rag pockets contained drooping dates and candied haws that were trampled into pieces. Come to the woman: marry, marry you, no, no, no, old man. That was the longest sentence she stumbled and said. It didn't take long for the grumpy woman to marry the silly girl back home. Since then, the silly girl has more people to hurt.
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