What if my husband is the future great devil?
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Wen Qiao's parents died when she was a child, she was frail and sickly, and she was pitiful in the eyes of the world. On the day she came of age, she was not only given marriage to the seventh prince of the dynasty, but also awakened into a half-demon. However, even if she awakens into a half-demon, she is still a weak and sickly little pitiful. It wasn't until the poor little Wen Qiao married the seventh prince Ning Yuzhou that she knew that the seventh prince, who was a waste of cultivation in the eyes of the world, was well hidden, and that all the elixir and talisman arrays were well-connected, and everyone in the world was deceived by him! And Wen Qiao finally lived a life of bullying! Later, Wen Qiao discovered that no matter where the couple went, her husband's identity was the villain behind the scenes.
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