Villain in the Kindergarten
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Shen Muan is a kindergarten teacher. He usually likes to read bloody drama novels. One day, his world suddenly merged with the world in the book. He discovered that the kindergarten children that transferred were villains in the novel. Villain no. 1, with the bun face, milky voice, and blushes when he holds the girl’s hands. Villain no. 2, likes small animals and doesn’t like talking. Villain no. 3, she likes beautiful princess dresses and tells other children about fairy tales in a serious manner. Shen Muan is dumbfounded, isn’t the milky bun villain in the novel? Too soft?! Thinking of their future, Shen Muan made up his mind to teach them to stay away from the crooked path, so it won’t be like the plot in the book! One day, Shen Muan with a serious face pulled the villain and said to him “You can’t casually give girls the meal card filled with five million, think about their future!” A certain president who heard only the last three word “Honey, I gave you five million!” Shen Muan: ???? He seems to know from whom this little guy has learned ….
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Comedy   Slice of Life   Shounen Ai