The Whole World Is My Crematorium
· ✍️ 比卡比
Xiao Yuan bears a heavy responsibility. Because of certain restrictions, he has to get along with a group of scum people. When the mission was completed, the restrictions disappeared, and Xiao Yuan screamed in delight: Ah, this is the taste of freedom! The Demon Lord who treated him as a plaything and infected him with a Gu worm, the junior brother who disliked him, the young Pavilion Master who used his blood to save his own Senior Brother – forgive him for not accompanying them. Later, Xiao Yuan learned the “face changing technique” and could imitate anyone’s appearance. With this, he starts various businesses: he can become what the clients wanted as long as he got paid enough. The business of Xiao Yuan’s was booming. He earned a lot of money, and big shots from all walks of life came to him admiringly. Then… Junior Brother: Oh, I will never let Senior Brother leave me again! Pavilion Master: Xiao Yuan, do you want me to take out my heart to show it to you?! Demon Lord: What do I need to do for baby to forgive me, how about I let you bully me back? Wife chasing crematorium burning all over the world, Xiao Yuan smiles: Don’t ask, asking means you’ve never loved before.