Falling In Love With The Grim Reaper
· ✍️ 微风几许
Chi Jiayan, a ‘heavenly fiend lonely star'[1], had met the Grim Reaper when he was very young. At that time he was crying in an embarrassing situation, as he looked so adorable, the Grim Reaper, without a hitch… bought him an ice cream. Later, Chi Jiayan became an adult and his birthday wish was—to be the bridegroom of the god of death?? Grim Reaper: I refuse. Chi Jiayan: What, refuse? Then I will reluctantly become your bride. (^-^) Grim Reaper: … This is a story about a human courting the Grim Reaper and taming him. Grim Reaper: This human being might be poisonous. Note: [1]heavenly fiend lonely star- idiom which means bane of others’ existence (also translated as ‘an orphan who causes others misery’)