Giving You a Little Sweetness
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Tang Yi, a young actor whom Yun Zheng bullied in her childhood, had already become a first-rate little fresh meat. Not only did he save her in the water and fire, but he also lowered his own salary to become the male lead in her new drama. His only requirement was that she would personally help him in his acting. But… the stuff that would need some guidance is either kissing scenes /bed scenes. Tang Yi calmly replied: “What else can I do, I have never been in love, never kissed, have no X experience, I can’t act this out.” Tang Yi is nicknamed Tang Sixteen because as long as there is a scandal involving him, he will surely clear them up within sixteen hours. When the scandal of Tang Yi and Yunzheng broke out, the fans waited and waited and waited and waited… While still waiting, they finally understood. The Extremely Beautiful Female Director x Fresh Meat Male God Footnote: X: R18 up experience… ask someone if you don’t understand Fresh meat: idols Save her in water and fire: idiom meaning to save someone from untold miseries/hardship
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Comedy   Romance