Old Enemy Became Sweet and Sticky
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Shao Xian returned back to when he was ten years old and met the pitiful, old enemy of his. He wanted to personally train him so that when the other grew up, he wouldn’t turn against him. But he didn’t expect that this old enemy would turn sweet and sticky after being taken care of. It was just that this little sweet cake was too insecure and often, golden beads of tears would drip. As soon as he cried, Shao Xian was helpless, and of course, he would want to give him everything. — On the way to an auction, Shao Xian died in a car accident. Before he died, he thought, Fu Baizhou must be very pleased without him being present to mix things up. After all, in Yan City, Fu Baizhou shocked everyone with a name of being cruel and ruthless. Only one person dared to confront him. When he opened his eyes again, he was wearing a custom suit, reexperiencing his tenth birthday. He saw a dirty little boy being ridden on like a horse. He suddenly remembered the rumors that had been circulating widely in his previous life. It was about the tragic childhood of a ruthless man surnamed Fu…
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Romance   Life   School   Shounen Ai