Rebirth After Being Abducted
· ✍️ 萱草妖花
Su Qin was abducted into the mountain at the age of 15. At 20, she returned home with the police, married a good man, Professor Li, and gave birth to a cute baby. But the good life didn’t last long as three years later, the ‘husband’ from the mountain came to their door and a fire incinerated the family’s happiness. When Su Qin opened her eyes again, she was back to the age of 15. That was the first day she was abducted and the family was planning to break her legs … When Li Chuan’s family died in the fire, he was reborn at the age of 21. He now had two goals that he had to work hard to achieve: First was to find his wife as soon as possible and second, not to be a teacher in this lifetime but to seize the opportunity to become rich and protect his family. Su Qin was reborn and reached the pinnacle in the fashion world. After his rebirth, Li Chuan simply changed his profession and became the big CEO who spoils his wife.