The Boss of the Escape Game is My Husband
In the haunted house, evil spirits run rampant. Gu An: Husband, hug QAQ Other Players: Isn’t this person scared and s*upid? Acting like a pampered brat toward the evil spirit…… Then, they saw with their own eyes as the evil spirit dissipated the black qi around him, retracted his sharp blade-like claws, and gently hugged Gu An in his arms with a careful appearance, as if he had finally found the lost treasure he had been searching for for a long time. In the secret room, evil spirits were scattered everywhere. Gu An: Husband, open the door. Other Players: Is this person hallucinating? What are you daydreaming about…… Then, right in front of them, the door opened! They looked at the terrifying evil spirit as it stopped attacking, thawed its coldness, and hugged Gu An gently and preciously, as if it was embracing its entire world. Other Players: face pain QAQ Are we really not playing a game?!!
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Drama   Shounen Ai   Yaoi   Supernatural   Romance   Fantasy   Horror  

Doomsday Cruise
At the moment when the sun went down, Mother Earth finally got tired of the parasites on her body, and suddenly exploded for the sake of one hundred. One by one bizarre fragments floated past before her eyes. Before her consciousness dissipated, Mo Xiaoyao grabbed one of them and got into the dungeon. When she arrived at her destination after a thousand hardships, what appeared in front of her was a huge cruise ship. Under the gangway, the man in the shipmate’s uniform bowed to her: “Ma’am, are you getting on board?” Mo Xiaoyao looked at his octopus-like face with a calm expression: “Of course.” — One day in 24-year-old Mo Xiaoyao’s natal year*, the earth suddenly exploded. She thought she was going to die, but after touching the magic fragment, she entered the dungeon world and began her cruise journey. The racetrack in the mist, the weird circus, the seemingly casual but murderous hot spring town, the tragic team battles where human beings have to kill each other… The only goal of struggling to survive was to reach end point of the cruise ship alive with her companions – to Paradise. *natal year in Chinese zodiac is a year where a person’s age equal to a multiple of 12.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Comedy   Supernatural   Adventure   Fantasy   Psychological  

On the Thousand Postures Reconstructed by the Scumbags
There are thousands of scumbags in the world, each with their own type of tr*shy entanglement. They make a stand for every step and have a devious heart, their modus operandi? Start stirring up feelings and eventually abandon the people they have schemed against. With having nothing but fame and fortune in their eyes, these scumbags forsake the sincerity of others and forget about it after using them. The Scumbag Reformation System raised its arms and exclaimed: Reform and become a new person! The sea of suffering is endless and turning back is what it means to be on the shore! Both good and evil will eventually be rewarded, the Heavenly Path is good for reincarnation. When those scumbags who have done all bad deeds get a chance to be reborn, they start their miserable career of being forced to reform. 【No Work】 Electric Shock x 10 【Sitting back and enjoying the benefits】 Electric shock x20 【Stirring up chaos and forsaking】 Electric shock x50 【Deceiving and cheating money】 Electric shock x100 Scumbag Reformation System smiled: “What is our slogan again?” The scumbags gritted their teeth silently: “……Reform well and become a new person!”
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Comedy   Drama   Shounen Ai   Romance   Fantasy   Psychological  

Transmigrated As the Ex of the Blind Villain
He Guan had become a white moonlight of the scumbag hero in a yaoi novel. In the early stage, he was abused, and in the later stage, he was beaten by the scumbag hero who was chasing his wife. In the end, the villain boss, the scumbag’s uncle Shen Hu, fed him to piranhas. He Guan, “Who wants to be the white moonlight of this scumbag??” Because the original body was short of money, he married the blind uncle of the hero. Later he regretted it and divorced the person. According to the plot, He Guan was about to become the ex-husband of the villain boss. After that, he would be abused for years and then die tragically by being food to the piranhas. He Guan walked around the mansion with seven entrances and immediately tore up the divorce agreement. Although he didn’t like men, since he was married, that person was his husband. Raising a person is not difficult, just treat each other like a guest??
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Yaoi   Fantasy  

Morbid Addiction
Chen Yuncheng had a childhood experience that was like a nightmare, but he did not expect that sixteen years later, he would meet Ning Junyan again who had the same experience as him. Sixteen years later, Ning Junyan had become an excellent doctor, and his family is wealthy and superior. He thought he would never need to recall that experience until Chen Yuncheng aroused the darkness in his heart, and bad thoughts burst out of the cocoon This story is about gong chasing shou, and how gong shot an arrow through the shou(‘s heart), it is sweet biscuit(fluff), and no dog blood is spilt
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Yaoi   Psychological  

I Love It
Shen Jun has long been eyeing the man who lives across the street, and every night he fantasizes about having s*x with him. He lives alone, seems to be a bit of a neat freak, is handsome, has a defined figure, and is especially tickled by those long legs below his strong waist every night. To fantasize is to fantasize. But he never would have imagined that one day, the man would serve him his crotch.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Smut   Slice of Life   Comedy   Yaoi   Romance   Adult  

Within the Web Streaming Business
Qiao Huaiyao and Bai Jinyan were neighbors across the street. They grew up together and were very close. However, after the college entrance examination, Bai Jinyan suddenly began to alienate himself. Qiao Huaiyao asked him several times to no avail. Just as the admission notice from the prestigious school came down, Qiao Huaiyao went to another province in a fit of anger. A few years later, he received a strange call, and there was only a brief apology on the other end of the phone. Later, Qiao Huaiyao saw the news of the car accident on TV. When he returned to China to attend the funeral, he saw Bai Jinyan’s diary when he was helping to sort out the relics. His name was written all over it, and everything on it depicted unspoken love. That night, Qiao Huaiyao stayed in Bai Jinyan’s room for a long time and woke up to find that he had returned to the year he first entered school. Qiao Huaiyao bought a ticket immediately, turned around, and went home with his luggage.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Slice of Life   Comedy   Drama   Yaoi   Romance  

Happy Doomsday
Genius scientist, Ruan Xian was in a coma for several years. Once he opened his eyes, his waist no longer felt pain, his legs had healed, and he could jump around. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence outside ran out of control and ushered in the end of mankind. Fortunately, his luck was still strong and he successfully captured a partner with great survival skills. Tang Yibu: Our models are old and especially easy to scrap. Tang Yibu: Remember, the first principle of safety, never get too close to humans. Ruan Xian: ……What? This is a story about a dumb AI x a blindly optimistic scientist.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Sci-fi   Shounen Ai   Supernatural   Fantasy  

The Group Pet Villain is Three and a half Year Old
The characters who have been bullied and humiliated in the parallel world are all blackened after rebirth. Many Victims: Once I am reborn, I will never let go of those who hurt me in the past – especially Gu You You! However, they all found that the arrogant and domineering villain in the future…was only three and a half years old this year. The three-year-old Xiao You You had a round face, short legs, and a dumb head. When the reborn step-sister came back from foster care in the countryside, You You with tears in her eyes, hugged her step-sister’s thighs and said, “Sister, you have suffered…” The reborn step-sister full of hostility, “???” The disabled elder brother who was reborn looked indifferent and vigilant in the rainstorm until You You came to hold an umbrella for him with short legs and said, “Brother, don’t worry about the rain, I have the umbrella and you have me!” The brother who was never called brother in his previous life, “???” This is the story of the poor people who were bullied by the heroine in the parallel world and healed by the little angel here – Filled with a few fantasy elements, such as the hero is the king of the jungle – A big lion.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Comedy   Romance   Fantasy  

The Starting Point of Raising a Husband
Shi Qing became cannon fodder in the book, and could see the countdown to her life every day, and learned that in the end her family would be ruined and she would be hung on the wall to dry. Her mother is a censor. After so many years of speaking straightforwardly in the court, Shi Qing had inherited her mother’s mantle. After knowing the end, Shi Qing lived every day like she didn’t want to live through tomorrow. The newly appointed champion, the heroine of the book, said that Shi Qing was young, frivolous, and rude. Shi Qing instantly replied, “I am two months, three days, and eight hours older than you! Respect the old and love the young. You are disrespectful and unfilial, how can you say that I am young, frivolous,s and rude??” The son of the prime minister, the most beautiful man in the capital, said that Shi Qing had a small poison mouth. Shi Qing said, “Oh, how can I compare to you, condolences for the grievances when you were young.” Shi Qing’s mouth was bad, and the whole capital was waiting for her to marry her husband. Later, she learned to restrain herself, and then her family married her a gentle and virtuous husband who is knowledgeable and reasonable. The rumored gentle and virtuous husband who was good at embroidering peonies clasped his hand and clasped his fists. Qing Jun, who was good-looking and full of energy said, “Can the girl lend me two thousand silver taels, and I will pay you ten times when I become famous in the future!” Shi Qing slowly lifted her eyelids and knocked melon seeds and asked, “I have the final say in this family, I want you here. What do you do when you become famous?? Be honest and embroider peonies at home.” Qing Jun, “???” Later, Shi Qing discovered that the longer she lived, the longer the bar was, and she even had better luck than male and female protagonists! (Life can be a little unsatisfactory, but the one who has unsatisfaction must not be me…)
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Comedy   Romance   Historical   Fantasy  

They Are Not Human!
One day, Wen Qing was pulled into the rooftop of a strange building. There, he suddenly got several teammates who were too beautiful to be human. He didn’t know why, those teammates looked at him a little strangely. “What are you?” Wen Qing said in a low voice, “I? I… I’m….a human.” After speaking, those teammates looked at him even more strangely. Wen Qing: ? ? ? What??? Aren’t you guys humans too? Later… Wen Qing found out that they REALLY were not human.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Comedy   Yaoi   Romance   Adventure   Fantasy  

The Conqueror Isn’t Alone
After Lü Bu was hanged by Cao Cao at White Gate Tower, he travelled to the end of the Qin dynasty. By chance, he was thrown into the camp of the Hegemon-King of Western Chu and helped him conquer north and south, compete for power, and unify the Central Plains. –Lü Bu was disappointed to discover that although his death was laughable, compared to this person, he could still be regarded as someone sensible.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Action   Shounen Ai   Romance   Historical  

Back To My Youth
In the humid heat of July, students within the crowded classroom couldn’t breathe properly under the tremendous pressure of the intensive exams. Guo Jingyu’s forehead was damp with sweat. He saw the figure seated in front of him as soon as he glanced up. His back was as straight as it had always been, his white shirt school uniform had a mild soap scent, and his hair was neatly parted. He was accompanied by the steady rustle of a pen. Guo Jingyu laughed, as if he’d been freed of a huge burden, and gently nudged the person in front of him twice with a pen, saying in a hushed whisper, “Li Tongzhou?” The teen in front of him halted and didn’t say anything, but he extended his hand behind him and handed him something. Guo Jingyu was lying motionless on his desk. With his fingers, he poked Li Tongzhou’s palm, which the other gently gripped. In our youth’s fiery love, you’ve always been the only one.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Tragedy   Slice of Life   Comedy   School Life   Shounen Ai   Romance   Fantasy  

Who Can Keep the Moon Private by Love
When Lu Miao was eight years old, she came to the hospital with her parents. Her father’s car hit someone, and the boy lost his leg. The adults told her: “You will have an older brother in the future.” The elder brother who grew up with Lu Miao was named Jiang Haoyue. Haoyue, the most beautiful big moon, has a bright and clear light and infinite light. Lu Miao always felt that this metaphor for Jiang Haoyue was very appropriate.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Drama   Romance  

Transmigrating to Before the Big Boss Blackened
Shi Mu transmigrated into a comic that is a combination of fervor, suspense, and horror. As the dignified, big-ch*sted, and thin-waisted female villain, those who met her all wanted a “late-night chat” with her. But in the end, the blackened big boss sold her off abroad. Rewind to ten years ago, 17-year-old Shi Mu met the still fairly innocent big boss. The boy stood under the sun with squinted eyes, and asked for her name. She trembled. “Shi Mu…” Thought for a moment, then said, “I’m male.” “….” What can she do? In a world where the plot centers around love and disregards the storyline, the only ones that can protect themselves are males. Only, she didn’t expect that one night, big BOSS suddenly told her: “I want to be on top. If you make me happy, I’ll occasionally let you get on top too.” “??????” What the f*ck did you say? In order to not get caught, Shi Mu concealed her gender, trained hard for abs, got a tan, developed her morality, intelligence, and physicality, but in the end- “You’re so pretty,” the big boss smiled devilishly. Shi Mu: QAQ what’s wrong with you little bro?
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Comedy   School Life   Gender Bender   Supernatural   Romance   Horror  

The Female Supporting Character Is Wrecking Worlds Again
What’s going to happen when a big villain boss transmigrates into a cannon fodder role in a romance novel? What’ll happen when she transmigrates into the neglected secret wife of an overbearing president? What about a rich young lady who only discovers that the male lead has counterattacked after breaking up with him? Or the wife of an immortal lord who discarded her like tr*sh once he emerged from hardship? Shi Wei let out the kind of smile that only belonged to a villain. “It’s fine if you don’t love me now; in any case, you’ll fall in love with me later.” The system was pretty doubtful at first, but afterwards…he looked at the male leads and male supporting characters who’d been abused until they wanted to die, but were still unwaveringly infatuated with her, and shivered. Shi Wei said: “The thing I’m best at is convincing people with reason.”
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Romance   Fantasy  

Re-Engraving Adolescence
In the humid heat of July, students within the crowded classroom couldn’t breathe properly under the tremendous pressure of the intensive exams. Guo Jingyu’s forehead was damp with sweat. He saw the figure seated in front of him as soon as he glanced up. His back was as straight as it had always been, his white shirt school uniform had a mild soap scent, and his hair was neatly parted. He was accompanied by the steady rustle of a pen. Guo Jingyu laughed, as if he’d been freed of a huge burden, and gently nudged the person in front of him twice with a pen, saying in a hushed whisper, “Li Tongzhou?” The teen in front of him halted and didn’t say anything, but he extended his hand behind him and handed him something. Guo Jingyu was lying motionless on his desk. With his fingers, he poked Li Tongzhou’s palm, which the other gently gripped. In our youth’s fiery love, you’ve always been the only one.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Slice of Life   Comedy   School Life   Shounen Ai   Romance   Fantasy  

Eighties Housekeeper Little Wife
Yuanyuan is the last life steward system in the future world. After 5023, all mankind has entered the era of mechanization. Unfortunately, she will be destroyed. After being destroyed, Yuanyuan discovered that she had actually traveled to the 1980s when supplies were scarce. She became the second cannon fodder who abused her nephew and niece. She was finally cleaned up by her husband who was an officer. She was abducted and trafficked to her death in the mountains. Shen Huai has a handsome face and extraordinary aura. As soon as Yuanyuan approaches him, she has a steady stream of energy supply, filling her with energy. There is such a good energy in front of her. She can’t get a divorce when she says nothing. She sees a man’s body compare with each other day by day. A good day, but the look in her eyes is getting more and more wrong. (TN: part of me feels it meant to say ‘his’ eyes as in the ML but I can’t be sure so I’m leaving it) I heard that Shen Huai brought back a daughter-in-law from a rural town. Everyone thought that the girl from a small place had never seen the world, and she must be ugly in a big city, but she didn’t understand etiquette. I didn’t expect this girl to stun everyone with her fluent English. The state banquet chefs clapped their hands for good dishes. The Shen family thought that this was already very good. They didn’t know that the girl could cut, cultivate, animal husbandry, pharmacy, acupuncture, brewing, craftsman, the whole decathlon. While everyone was envious, jealous and hated, they all sighed that Head Shen really picked up the treasure. Everyone in the army heard that Shen Huai was often in a daze because he missed his little wife at home, and his comrades all wanted to know how beautiful his sister-in-law was, so that the cold and abstinent head could not think about it. On the day Chen Yuan entered the military hospital, she was said to have caused a sensation because of her high appearance, which led to an increase in the registration rate. One-sentence introduction: Relying on food to conquer the cold husband’s intention: work hard to make progress every day.
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Romance   Fantasy  

Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class
There was a legendary player known as Wing who appeared in the pro league for Gun King in the Chinese division. He landed his shots with deadly precision and absolute confidence. Under his leadership, a third-rate team in the minor league clawed their way to the major league, ultimately winning the annual championship and becoming the strongest dark horse in history. However, Wing suddenly announced his retirement after winning the championship. Many netizens had speculated on the reasons for his retirement. No one knew that he was an Omega suffering from a “pheromone disorder”. Five years later, the Chinese national team was eliminated in the first round of the Gun King World Championship. The national team’s coach resigned on the spot under pressure. In a time of crisis, Jiang Shaoyu, who was once known as Wing, returned to China and was entrusted with the position of the national team’s coach. The national team was a mix of both good and bad players who couldn’t get along with each other at all. This was especially true for certain Alphas who would quarrel the moment they met. The assistant was full of worries, “These gods can’t be controlled at all!” Jiang Shaoyu: “It’s fine. Leave their training to me.” And so, Coach Jiang started his daily sharp tongue mode—— “This is the standard of a player on the national team?” “Are scripts even needed when playing against you? I can win even when playing casually.” “Are all of you inters? Giving free kills away one after another?” “If you can’t defeat the others, just delete the game then.” The glib-tongued Coach Jiang, who had a tendency to never swear when training others, once scolded the entire team until their mental states had collapsed. That was until one day, they saw the scene of Coach Jiang secretly injecting Omega inhibitors into himself. Everyone was collectively dazed, “This fierce and savage coach was actually an Omega?” “Even if he’s an Omega, he’s the boss kind that cannot be defeated even in a team fight!” A gaming god: “Seeking help. How do I write a 1000-word self-reflection essay?” A popular streamer: “I’m not streaming today. I’ll face the wall and repent.” An amateur king: “Who am I? Where am I? Why am I even playing games? I really doubt my life.” An Alpha youth: “What was the experience of being scolded to tears by an Omega like? As we cried more, we got used to it.” The netizens: “???” Why does something feel wrong with this year’s national team?
All   Completed   MTL-Edited  
Comedy   Shounen Ai   Romance   Sports