Wife first
The wife is the top, the nation is the next, and the husband is the least. Throughout his life, the army has made great achievements in battle, but the ending is very miserable; In the end, the only person who never gave up on him was this male wife who had been left out for more than ten years ...... After being reborn once, Jing Shao decided to change his mind and start a new life, but...
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Rebirth   Court Marquis   Show special preference  

A Certain Someone
Sheng Wang moved into his ancestral home at White Horse Lane, along with the woman that his father was presently seeing. His dad pointed at that woman’s son and said to him: Call him ge (older brother). Unyielding, amenable to coaxing but not coercion cold generator Gong x Regards himself as something precious lazy young master Shou Sheng Wang: I’m super straight Jiang Tian: I’m homophobic
Modern   Light   Gong   BL   MTL  
School Life   HE   Brothers  

Abandoned Pearl
When he was young, Qin Mingzhu was probably just like his name, the pearl in the palm of hand, and there were countless people who liked him. He lived happily in the midst of gold and drunkenness. At the age of thirty-five, he got engaged to a crazy suitor who was sixteen years younger than him, and later entered the palace of marriage. At the age of forty-seven, Qin Mingzhu received a divorce agreement. The pearl of the palm has become the abandoned pearl Also in the same year, he died after the divorce
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Fake Slackers
After class placements were decided, the school’s two infamous ‘problem youths’ not only shared the same class, but the same desk. They’re clearly good at studies, but pretend to be slackers. Fakers from head to toe who just keep walking farther down the path of their performance. Hear on the grapevine about the two big brothers who always fight over the last place in class. Basically, this is a serious comedy. About the little matters of growing up.
Modern   Light   Gong   BL   MTL  
Slice of Life   Comedy   School Life   Romance  

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun
Mo Ran thought becoming Chu Wanning’s disciple was a mistake. His shizun was really too much like a cat while he himself was a dumb pup who’d only slobber and wag his tail. Dogs and cats were different by nature; originally, the dumb pup didn’t want to reach his furry paws out to that cat. At first he thought, dogs should be with dogs, like his shixiong, beautiful and tame like a cute Japanese Spitz, and the two of them together would surely be a match made in heaven. Yet, after having died and reborn, after having lived two lives, the one he hauled back each time to his den in the end was always the one he couldn’t stand at first: that snow-white kitty shizun.
Classic   Light   Gong   BL   MTL  
Abusive Relationship   Xianxia   cultivation  

After transmigrate to the book , Got married with the movie queen got married
As a lucky grass, Lu Shuangjiang finally succeeded in transforming to human after thousands of years of cultivation, but when she opened her eyes again, she found she is a scumbag that people hate in a book of lesbian abo. When transmigrating, the Omega heroine, known as a cold beauty, was trapped on her bed with a blindfold on. ​​ Lu Shuangjiang said that she is a law-abiding grass. Facing the heroine's pheromone, she was unmoved, and thoughtfully helped the other party take medicine.
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   MTL   GL&Lesbian   
Entertainment   Transmigration  

I heard that I'm a scumbag A
Qi Yunwei opened her eyes, with beauty in her arms. The face in front of her was beautiful, and the sweet smell in her nose made people's hearts beat. Qi Yunwei flushed and pushed people away with all her strength. The next second she was pressed against the wall by a woman. The burning breath hit her ears, and white skin shook Qi Yunwei's eyes.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Gong   MTL   GL&Lesbian   
Transmigration   Sweet  

Becoming the ex-wife of the substitute heroine
The ex-wife spent money to get the heroine to marry her. After several years of marriage, she ignored the heroine. After being stimulated by white moonlight, she came back to abuse the heroine. Once, she forced the heroine to have a relationship with her. The heroine hates Xin Yan, and in order to get revenge, she uses the help of other suitors to make Xin Yan lose everything, and in the end she can only live in poverty And because of this experience, the heroine is no longer willing to trust anyone. She lingers around different women and has long forgotten how to love someone. Xin Yan, whose main job in her past life was to save the stray girl: "...
Love   Modern   Serious   Gong   MTL   GL&Lesbian   
Love Contract   Sweet  

School Heroine Secretly Loves Me
“Wen Wenyao is so good-looking, don’t you feel moved?” The system began to doubt… Song Nanqiao: “No… I don’t…” System: “But your match value with her is 100%, you will definitely like her…” Song Nanqiao: “I don’t!” Song Nanqiao is all about study and work, not about love But Song Nanqiao slowly discovered that the heroine was quietly paying attention to her. One night, Wen Wenyao grabbed the corner of her coat, deliberated, and said shyly, “Did you used to…liked me…” Song Nanqiao: “Ah…that…used to like, but now probably not.” Wen Wenyao took her hand and whispered in her ear, “But I’ve liked you for a long time…I like you so much…Can you give me a chance to chase you?”
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   MTL   GL&Lesbian   
Tragedy   System   School Life   Drama   Perfect Match  

Cannon Fodder Scum Gong’s Whitewashing Manual
Chu Yan completed every cannon fodder scum gong in the dog-blooded abuse novel very well. Cheating on marriage, raising a lover outside, cheating for money and sex… But when he left contentedly, these Shous who should’ve waved goodbye to him to find true love all blackened… Subject: I quit! I don’t want the original gong! System: Brother Chu, please go back and abuse them again, but can you have a happy ending.
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   BL   MTL  
System   Drama   Fantasy   Adult  

After the breakup, I accidentally counterattacked
Yi Chuyang, a dazzling new star in the e-sports circle, has an unknown past. He likes a person and once fell into the dust for him. But he didn't expect that when he was in the most difficult time, Xie Qingqi chose to run away. He originally thought that they would never see each other again, until one day, Yi Chuyang was injured, and the attending physician was the one who used to be
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   BL  
Qiang Qiang   Back Together  

After Waking up Beside the Villain
Chu Yunsheng’s head hurts every time he wakes up. Because he is usually either lying in the villain’s bed, or had just gotten up from the villain’s bed. The reason why villains are called villains is because they are extremely lethal and vengeful… and they love to blacken… Villain: Bastard, I will castrate you! Chu Yunsheng: …Oh.
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   BL  
Transmigration   Sweet  

Don't press your head to engage in cp
Jiang Beiyan, a handsome college boy, failed in his confession and was kicked by the target of the confession. It was really tragic. The reason for the failure was that all the girls in the school were rumouring that he was a faggot. In order to prove that he is not a faggot, Jiang Beiyan fixed his eyes on the school flower. School flower Lunan: I'm a man. Jiang Beiyan: my mother... Run.
Love   Modern   Light   Gong   BL  
School Life   Drama  

He Lived Like You
Living in this apocalyptic world full of zombies and monsters, the rich rely on technology and the poor rely on mutation. Shen Shanwu, 13 years old in appearance but 31 years old in reality, is a mutant that can alter his own appearance. Although he looks like a child on the outside, his wisdom is not very good. One day, he was just passing by when he was suddenly forcibly adopted by a major general, whom he didn’t know where he came from. He resisted, but when he looked up, it turned out to be an old acquaintance. The little boy, who could only hide behind him and cry, transformed into the unsmiling, cold, and tough man in front of him. And that expression of seeing a dead beloved is really unsightly… Shen Shanwu: Can you smile? Jing Huan: After Shanwu died, I couldn’t smile anymore. Shen Shanwu: …Who? Who do you think is dead? It took a long time before he found out about it. He found Jiang Huan crying and holding Shen Shanwu’s nameplate in the middle of the night and told his adopted son how good Shen Shanwu was… All of this…was seen by Shen Shanwu himself! Jiang Huan (raising his gun): Since you have seen my embarrassing side, then I can only marry you or kill you. Shen Shanwu: … Shen Shanwu: Marry, marry, marry! I will recruit 800 zombies to carry you home!
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Gong   BL  
Qiang Qiang   Supernatural   Doomsday   Show special preference  

I Used Non-humans as Actors for Those Years
Question: What is it like for non-humans to watch thrillers? A: Shuangwen! (refreshing with lots of face slapping) Newcomer director Zhong Jiudao rented a famous murder house to shoot a scene in order to save money. The mansion has been uninhabited for many years, but there are many ghosts before the founding of the Country. They gathered behind Zhong Jiudao, wanting to teach a lesson to this human who was fighting with them for territory. Who knew that Zhong Jiudao unhurriedly took out the script and read it to the residents of the murderous house. Ghosts: Huh? Substitute oneself for the ghost character in the script, and it is quite cool! Zhong Jiudao put away the script and asked the group of ghosts: Are you interested in making a movie? Actors will have money burned for them. Ghosts: What type of film is it? Zhong Jiudao: A ghostly protagonist’s revenge Shuangwen. The ghosts raised their hands one after another: I, I want to shoot! Zhong Jiudao: Competition for posts, audition here. — Eighteen-line transparent Luo Huai, who has just graduated from film and television school, takes over a supporting role in a horror movie. Although the crew is a little poor, the director has a good personality, the staff is kind, and the seniors who play the ghosts are good and enthusiastic and will patiently guide him to shoot. Ghost Senior: You can’t do this, you want to act real, you are not real, how can you trick those humans into your own territory? Luo: Huh? Ghost Senior: Wrong, it is the truth that can put the audience into your acting skills. Luo: Thank you seniors! The seniors are so nice!
Modern   Light   Gong   BL  
Perfect Match   Entertainment  

There is An Apocalyptic Man in the Village
Reborn in the days before the apocalypse- Wu Qingyuan just wanted to find a safe place to live well. Using the memory of his previous life, he has made sufficient preparations- buying materials, hoarding gold bars, and finally, successfully transversing to another world with his abilities. Transversing to the ancient world where travelling relies on walking, communication relies on shouting, and public security can only rely on guard dogs, Wu Qingyuan said that this is not a problem. He just came here to find a wife who is warm in bed…   A few months later: Wu Qingyuan: Matchmaker, help me arrange a marriage. Matchmaker: Who is it? Wu Qingyuan: Lin Shugen’s family. Matchmaker: What? It’s the one who is so ugly and that he doesn’t know how to properly act and still can’t get married…Lin Amo? ! ! Wu Qingyuan: Yes, I like him. (Smiles and blush) Matchmaker: ……
Historical   Serious   Gong   BL  
Carry-on space   Rebirth   Sweet