The Mad and Cool Female Lord
· ☕ 0 min read · ✍️ 君汐若
Look at the title. Obviously, my adorable Susu earnestly carries out each task. But the last step would always be destroyed by the female lead. Why do the other systems’ hosts have blackened female leads who snatch male leads to play, while everytime we strategize for the male lead to meet up, the female lead would counter the strategy? Read More…
Female   Urban Romance   Completed   MTL  

dragon envoy
· ☕ 0 min read · ✍️ 闲来无事
What is dragon envoy? In short, it's the one who summon the dragon. Dragon is a synonym for wisdom, strength and longevity on the continent of mastara. The strength of a dragon is more than the power of tens of thousands of soldiers. Therefore, those who can summon the Dragon naturally possess strength and can be respected Read More…
Male   Fantasy   Ongoing   MTL