Go to college in Mary Sue Text
Su Shuangjiang woke up and found himself in a Mary Su book, becoming the unlucky little brother of the heroine. As for why he was unlucky, it was because all the things that the female protagonist caused, he had to bear. For the sake of her own life, Su Shuangjiang and Sister Mary Su parted ways. She played her F4, and he studied hard to get into the top 2.
Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
School Life   Wealthy   Transmigration   Sweet  

Beloved Enemy
GuQingPei, the new director who was poached with a high salary, his first challenge at his new post was to help his boss raise his son!A rich, hot-tempered, and arrogant second generation princeling best at causing trouble — YuanYang who had been cultured in the army for many years is rebellious and domineering but GuQingPei has the confidence to make him bow down and submit. No one in this life has dared to make him (YuanYang) feel so grievous and troubled! Facing GuQingPei’s treacherous smiles and oppressing advances step by step, forcing him to learn to take over the family business, YuanYang decides to give GuQingPei a profound lesson. Instead, he loses control of the situation and they developed into another type of relationship!With GuQingPei and YuanYang’s equally opposing and hostile attitude… like enemies….will they look at each other with hatred or will it ignite into a different kind of spark!?
Modern   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Smut   Drama   Romance   Mature   Adult  

Breaking Through the Clouds
Foreboding clouds raced across the skies above the city.Three years ago, as a consequence of Commander-in-Chief Jiang Ting’s error in judgement during an anti-drug operation in Gongzhou, a chain of explosions occurred at the scene and caused the Narcotics Division to suffer heavy casualties. Now three years later, Jiang Ting, whose flesh and bones should’ve faded from existence after dying at the line of duty, actually miraculously woke up from a vegetative state. His heroic soul could not rest – he must return to the mortal world from the depths of hell and exert all that he has in order to bring the bloody and inconceivable truth to light. –A contemporary urban crime story about a handsome and charismatic gong that can participate in every event of a decathlon, can shoot someone’s head off from a hundred meters away, can dismantle a bomb bare-handed, and loves to show off when he has nothing to do & a shou that is calm no matter what because he’s already prepared to meet his end at any time.
Modern   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Drama   Mystery   Adult  

I was spoiled after being forced to marry
Before getting married, Fan Xing thought that he was the bed partner given to He Qingmo by the Gu family, and that he would be abandoned like a shoe after use. In the end, Mr. He would only pet him, tease him and tease him. He was distracted, scratching his ears and cheeks, one couldn't hold back, and knocked him down... Then, Mr. He smiled like a treacherous old fox!
Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Give Birth   Wealthy   Sweet  

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain. With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically. Finally, after wrestling control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface. Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.
Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Sci-fi   Comedy   School Life   Drama   Adventure  

Marrying an old-fashioned scientific researcher
Qi Bai from the Department of Art of NTU, looks like a fairy and has a bad temper. Professor Zeng once said that his hands were born to hold a paintbrush, and there are many suitors. Under the repeated harassment of the fanatical suitors, he had to find a special worker as a fake boyfriend to deal with. Jiang Jianzhi, the fake boyfriend, is tall and handsome, full of bookish air, like a son of an aristocratic family who came out of an ancient painting. Aside from being a little staid in character, his fake boyfriend is just perfect.
Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Urban love   Sweet  

Qiang Jin Jiu
The Six Prefectures of Zhongbo were ceded away in surrender to the external enemies, and Shen Zechuan was taken into custody in the capital, reduced to *a drowning dog loathed and condemned by all. Xiao Chiye followed the scent of the furor and made his way over. But instead of setting others on him, he kicked Shen Zechuan with his very own leg that rendered the latter an invalid. Who would expect this invalid to turn around and bite him in a counterattack until he was all drenched in blood? That was the start of an epic feud between both men who tear at each other every time they come face-to-face with one another. “Fate wants to bind me here for life, but this is not the path I choose. The yellow dust submerged my brothers deep under. I have no wish to bow in submission to an illusory fate. The imperial edict couldn’t save my troops, and the imperial court couldn’t fill the stomachs of my mounts. I’m no longer willing to lay down my life for this purpose. I want to overturn that mountain. I am going to fight for myself.” Note: a drowning dog is someone who is down and out having lost favor or power.
Historical   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Drama   Qiang Qiang   Perfect Match   Romance   Mature   Mystery  

I Only Like Your Character Settings
Xia Xiqing: I like you very much. Zhou Ziheng: Don’t suffer from Laozi.jpg However, this beauty, within three seconds’ appearance at a press conference made him debut in the C-position as a fan of Zhou Ziheng, and together with his idol went on the hot search reality show, on… Yes, it’s as you think. But it’s not as Xia Xiqing thought. He thought he was fishing for the alpha of the entertainment industry, only to find out after peeling off the image he display in public that he was an innocent tsundere as naive as a primary schooler. He thought it was a script about “I slept with my idol”, but in the end it became “my idol slept with me”. Angel face Alpha and Playboy Shou vs Aggressive but innocent Angel Gong Exciting [lights a cigarette] Xia Xiqing: Didn’t you hate me the most? Why are you hugging and not letting go? Zhou Ziheng: You smell good.
Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Comedy   Drama   Romance   Adventure  

Global University Entrance Examination
One day, You Huo and his famiIy was puIIed into an exam caIIed the GIobaI University Entrance Examination. Going through exams together with other unfortunate examinees, their Iives are put at stake and they can only Iive by passing each exam. However, something about these exams and the system controIIing it didn’t seem right — lt seemed to be trying to trap the examinees with ridiculous ruIes and strange questions… There, You Huo meets lnvigiIator 001 who seems to hoId a key to the past he no Ionger remembered and, together, they go through the exam, unravelling the mysteries behind their past and the system. Tldr: A pair of chaotic madmen work together to go against the examination system.
Storyline   Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Comedy   Romance   Horror   Mystery  

The Founder of Diabolism
As the grandmaster who founded demonic cultivation, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the sects—Lan WangJi, his archenemy. This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on…
Classic   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Rebirth   Xianxia  

I Like Your Pheromones
As a good-looking Beta with a good family background, Duan Jiayan has lived a smooth sailing life for more than ten years, until he met Lu XingCi in high school. Lu XingCi’s family situation is better than his, he is taller than him and plays basketball better than him. Needless to say, his grades are a whole tier above Duan JiaYan’s. Even his friends can’t help but occasionally praise Lu XingCi. Most importantly, every girl that Duan JiaYan has set his sights on, all admitted that they have liked Lu XingCi for a few years already. Since then, Duan Jiayan has never thought well of Lu XingCi, till the day he received his new medical report. He is a late-blooming Omega, and because he became an Omega this late, it came with dire consequences. Now Alphas will feel the need to beat up other people whenever they come near Duan JiaYan. He himself is now allergic to every Alpha’s pheromone, except Lu XingCi’s. * One night during a self-study session, Duan Jiayan became extremely uncomfortable and ended up asking Lu XingCi to bite him and leave a temporary mark. After finishing the bite, Lu Xing asked: “We Alphas have very bad tempers, now that I’ve bitten you, are there any rewards?” “Why don’t you…” Duan Jiayan tentatively asked: “Be a little more generous?” “Sure,” the other party kneeled slightly and tilted down his head, exposing his white neck: “Then you’ve to also bite back. Once you do, I won’t make a fuss anymore.” Duan Jiayan: “…”
Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
ABO   Comedy   School Life   Romance  

Rebirth of the villain self-help system
"Can you still read the stallion text well!" Shen Yuan was reborn as the scum villain Shen Qingqiu who abused the young male protagonist to the death. You know, the original Shen Qingqiu was finally cut into a human stick by his apprentice male protagonist Luo Binghe! Ten thousand grass-mud horses galloped past in Shen Qingqiu's heart: "It's not that I don't want to hug the male protagonist's thigh, but who made this male protagonist a fucking dark type. The type of revenge that will be returned a thousand times over!" Why are the plots that the female protagonists should go to impose on him? Why, as a scum villain, he has to constantly sacrifice himself for the protagonist by blocking swords and guns!
Love   Classic   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Xianxia   Transmigration   Young and cute boyfriend  

After the divorce, it was found that the ex-husband was pregnant [Zerg]
Wei Ran has been afraid of insects since he was a child, especially the kind that have no bones and floppy, so afraid that just thinking about it makes his body goosebumps. In order to avoid those ubiquitous guys, he filled up his dodging skills as a child, but never set foot in places where there might be insects. But Wei Ran never imagined that, just when he and his love at first sight, he thought he was stepping into the pinnacle of his life, he unexpectedly found out.
Love   Modern   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Zerg   Fantasy  

Little dandy, he's a little cute
After Rong Zhuo's death, it was transmigrate into a book. The original owner was introduced to the prince as a confidant because of his ability and political integrity. Didn't expect to be betrayed by prince in the end When he transmigrated, he was not acquainted with the prince. In order to avoid the ending of the original book, he decided to be a dummy and ruin his reputation so that he would not provoke the prince.
Love   Historical   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Perfect Match   Court Marquis   Transmigration  

Dawn Sleep
Three years ago, a grievous news came from the distant stars, Crown Prince Ryann died so heroically on the frontier that even his remains couldn’t be found and returned home. The Empire has lost its handsome and dazzling prince, as well as one of the strongest new crystal human beings in this century. It was said that the prince left a poor widow behind.   … At the funeral, the young widow had black hair and white skin. He lowered his head in silence as he held the coffin. The royal family and high-level officials of the empire couldn’t help frowning greatly: The person who made His Highness fall in love during his lifetime was actually such a vulgar creature. ****** Jiang Jianming worked like a salted fish in the imperial military academy for three years, and he was unremarkable to the extreme. In the graduation season, he calmly rolled up his baggage and stepped into the cruel distant star battlefield to collect the body of His Highness. Everyone knows that disabled humans are weak, and they have no fighting ability at all. How many people either sneered or regretted, just waiting to wrap the corpse of this young man who had exceeded himself? Until later, the pale young man scoured the scorched earth covered in blood, and when he raised his hand, the sound of gunfire broke through the long night. The Milky Way was reflected in the bottom of Jianming’s eyes, and the blade of the mecha was bathed in crystal and starlight. Behind him, countless new human beings were convinced by this ‘proud son of heaven’, and they all called him “commander” in unison. The alien creatures were frightened and trembling; The rich and glorious dominion star-lord treat him as a guest; The murderous space pirate love and hate him… Jiang Jianming smiled slightly: “Don’t be so exaggerated, I’m just a weak and sickly disabled human being.” Imperial people: “?” So when the monarch came back from hell to the world, facing the legendary story that his lover had turned the distant star upside down for him, the monarch raised his eyebrows coldly: “Nonsense. The commander is just a weak and sickly disabled human being… Tell me, who encouraged him into a mecha today?” Imperial people: “???”     —Please light the withered years, go through the remnants of the old civilization and the cold stars, and wake up in my arms before the dawn of mankind.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Action   Sci-fi   Mecha   Adventure  

After Being Betrayed, The Immortal Master Ran Away With The Demon Venerable
As Mingguang Sect’s esteemed Immortal Master, Yi Ning had never experienced much heartbreak and suffering. He had always expected his life to be smooth-sailing, and was only waiting to ascend before marrying his disciple with whom he shared mutual affection. However, he had never expected that on a rainy night, his disciple brought back a childhood friend. They were close and intimate, to the point… of sharing a bed. Standing before the bed where they were entwined, Yi Ning’s heart was as cold as sunken ice. He had wanted to end it all cleanly and straightforwardly, yet had never expected that his disciple not only wanted his childhood friend, but wanted his Shizun too. His disciple shattered his spiritual core and laid down a hex, throwing him into the main hall to await nightfall to consummate their relationship. Just as he had fallen into despair and wanted to end his life, he unexpectedly discovered a strange book. The book detailed his life, and the him it described, from beginning to end, was nothing more than a tool used to satisfy his disciple’s desire to conquer, lowly and wretched as a cultivation furnace. Yi Ning’s head spun, and his heart gave birth to a strong hatred. He dragged his wrecked body to the back of the mountain and released the Demon Venerable Yan Xuan, who he had personally sealed nine years ago. In return for undoing the seal, Yan Xuan would aid him in escaping. After the man heard the reason why, he leaned against the wall and smiled with a hint of mockery. Yi Ning had thought he was going to ridicule him for having deserved it, being betrayed by an ingrate who bit the hand that fed him. Yet, what he never expected was for Yan Xuan to reach out and tug him into his embrace, and the words that left his mouth were instead: “You fool, I’ll help you take revenge.” After this, he killed all those who wronged him, and cradled him close to his heart. He wants to shatter your cultivation and mangle your limbs, to turn you into a bird in a cage, free for him to humiliate. Yet, with this lowly and dirty heart of mine, I want to pull you from the swamp and cut down the heavens for you.
Love   Historical   Serious   Shou   BL   MTL  
Adventure   Xuanhuan  

After Having an AI Boyfriend, I Will Never Be Afraid of Sunspots
Before leaving he lay on the hospital bed, with a faint light flashing in his eyes. He looked at the man on the screen with a cold expression but a sad look in his eyes. He laughed in a hoarse voice and said, “I’ve gone, and I’ve taken away the emotion imposed on you. After that… You’re free.” Then, he closed his eyes, leaving a radiant legend for generations after. However, he did not know that at the moment his hand dropped, the man who had been programmed by him for a lifetime looked stunned, and then like a madman wanted to break out. However, the virtual him could only stand at the opposite end of the screen, collapsing as he roared…. After waking up, Bai Ruogu found himself reborn, he became an unimpressive third-rate star in the interstellar future. He was going to live a day at a time until he turned on his smart bracelet and asked his system, “What’s your name?” “Ah Miao.” The familiar voice made him pause. “Which Miao?” “Miao of Muse.” A mechanical, cold voice came from the bracelet. (T/N: Muse in Chinese is written as: 缪斯 and Miao is the character: 缪) Bai Ruogu froze: “Su Miao?” The bracelet flickered and emitted a flash of light for a moment, and the entire interstellar’s artificial intelligence all collapsed…… …… The reborn Bai Ruogu seemed as though he had cheats turned on. Faced with black material – Other stars: Forget it, put up with it. Bai Ruogu: Before he could say anything, his boyfriend had already followed the net to find the rumor monger and hunted down the evidence to send a lawyer’s letter. Faced with a black fan siege – Other stars: Collapse overwhelmed. Bai Ruogu: His boyfriend opened millions of accounts to go against the black powder online. He tore them apart for three days and three nights until they fell to the ground and frothed on the spot. Faced with fan CP – Other stars: see if the other party is popular. If they’re trending, it’s OK. If not, it’s better to say goodbye. Bai Ruogu: Sorry, this message simply cannot be sent at all.  Other stars: ……  Little theatre. Friend: My old attack may be in kindergarten. Young master: My old attack is 100,000 light years away.
Love   Fantasy Future   Light   Shou   BL   MTL  
Sci-fi   Qiang Qiang   Fantasy   Interstellar