Imperial Favour
· ☕ 0 min read · ✍️ Hua Qi
In the capital city, the eldest daughter of the Tang family’s main bloodline, Tang Zhuo Zhuo, lavishly married into the Eastern Palace. Yet, she chose to spend her remaining years Read More…
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Eclipse Hunter
· ☕ 0 min read · ✍️ 御我
The life of a cyborg, programmed to protect his overprotective older brother and ordered to conceal his identity from his classmates. Part serious, part comedy; plot deepens as it goes Read More…
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Second Marriage
· ☕ 0 min read · ✍️ 喵蓝 · 👁️‍🗨️️ views 9K
Everybody said that Xiao Youning had a fortunate life. While her father and elder brother possessed military power, her husband-to-be, Li Qingzhi, had massive support in the form of his Read More…
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