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    They are like a flock of eagles, circling with an ominous momentum.

    Yu Jiao Niang immediately understood the accident that Li Siqin was referring to. The helicopter that came to blow up the train went out of control!

    How could this be?

    She took out the rice paper, but nothing changed on the rice paper.

    The body of the pale figure did not continue to decrease, and there was nothing unusual in other parts of the painting.

    But the helicopter went out of control just like the 'Chaos' without warning.

    It must be related to the 'Chaos', Yu Jiao Niang thought.

    The aircraft group stayed in the distance for a while, and then flew straight towards the Chaos.

    The 'Chaos' did not evade the group of helicopters flying from the northwest, and even the speed of the flight was reduced, and it became smooth and stable.

    30 helicopters flew over in different rotations, almost completely covering half of the sky.

    They were getting closer and closer, and the 'Chaos' skillfully turned a corner to avoid a helicopter in the front, and continued to fly towards the edge of the red rush.

    The 'Chaos' didn't want the helicopter to crash into it, and Yu Jiao Niang noticed it.

    Is the Chaos, which can destroy even high-rise icebergs, afraid of helicopters?

    Or, it is afraid of the explosives in the helicopter?

    Yu Jiao Nong's brows twitched.

    Looking back at the aircraft group that was jumped over by the train, they still seemed to be out of control, turning up and down, suddenly left and right, but closely followed the 'Chaos'.

    They are following the Chaos!

    The train seemed to be the leader of this group of helicopters, and the "little brother" who was out of control behind him was chasing after the "big brother".

    One was about to lose control and landed on the 'Chaos'.

    The 'Chaos' shook violently, and the rear of the car slammed into the helicopter hard and quickly, and the helicopter crashed to the ground in a whirl.

    It seems... Chaos doesn't want the helicopter to follow it.

    Yu Jiao Niang's brain began to think quickly, she thought of Qianlong Snow Mountain.

    When 500 tons of explosives exploded on the train, the 'Chaos' was actually a long way from Qianlong Snow Mountain.

    It could have continued to destroy neighboring cities with flames all over it, and those cities were also on the dragon's tail in "Jiuzhou Youlong Tu", but it just passed them and quickly flew to Qianlong Snow Mountain.

    At that time, Yu Jiao Niang was guessing whether it would go to Qianlong Snow Mountain to put out the fire.

    It was only later that she discovered that Qianlong Snow Mountain happened to be on the "Dragon Touring in Jiuzhou", and this guess was ignored by her.

    Now that think about it, her guess was right.

    The 'Chaos' was to extinguish the thick flames outside the car, so it accelerated to the Qianlong Snow Mountain.

    It's going to put out the fire.

    ——Even if the door is closed, the fire still hurts it.

    So this time, Chaos, which "reacted very quickly", "perceived" the explosives in the helicopter when it looked to the northwest.

    It was the one that got the helicopter out of control so the pilot couldn't blow it up with explosives.


    Yu Jiao Niang looked at the helicopter that was plummeting to the ground outside. The Chaos could make the helicopter go out of control, but it couldn't control the helicopter that was already out of control.

    That's why it will take the lead in evading, not daring to let the helicopter hit itself.

    Yu Jiao Niang glanced at Ji Yankun, took out his mobile phone and typed his speculation to him.

    Ji Yankun stared for a moment and pondered, and suddenly said, "Maybe we can use the out-of-control fleet to let the train open the door."

    Chapter 24

    Except for the one that fell, 29 helicopters followed the Chaos.

    From time to time, one or two out-of-control helicopters want to approach the train, and they rush towards the train very violently, much like the way the 'Chaos' collided with the mountains and rivers.

    The commander's signal in the fleet was directly transferred to the train, and the interpreter conveyed the commander's report in real time. All the pilots were still unable to control the helicopter.

    It seems that the helicopter can no longer be controlled by humans.

    The 'Chaos' was trying hard to shake off the group. Whenever a helicopter approached, the train would speed up and pass the established trajectory on the rice paper.

    - just not deviating.

    After the trajectory was changed from the ink-colored dragon on the "Dragon Touring in Jiuzhou" to the golden dragon on the rice paper, the 'Chaos' didn't seem to have any plans to deviate again.

    Ji Zhuokun looked at the fleet of erratic planes outside the car window, and numbered each plane in his mind.

    He gradually discovered that this group of helicopters seemed to have no rules, but in fact there were rules to follow.

    There are 8 helicopters that always fly on the outermost edge, and they are at different distances from the enclosed helicopters, and the 8 helicopters are also at different distances from each other.

    When the plane that hit the train went down, surrounded helicopters flew out to fill the void.

    And every time they tried to get close to the train, it was the 8 outermost planes.

    Ji Zhuokun numbered them from 1 to 8 and found that the helicopters close to the train also followed the order.

    One or two at a time, the first time helicopters numbered 1 and 2 rushed towards the train, and after being thrown away by the train, they returned to their original positions in the fleet.

    So the helicopter numbered 3 approached the train. This time, the 'Chaos' did not dodge and was hit on the end carriage.

    No. 3 even wanted to land directly on the carriage, and it was raised slightly to lie on the top of the train.

    In the carriage, Yu Jiao Niang and the others felt that the end of the train was sloping downward.

    The 'Chaos' spun neatly and threw No. 3 down. Then, without waiting for No. 3 to react, the carriage was photographed directly on the fuselage.

    The helicopter spun down immediately, and thick black smoke came out of the fuselage. After about a kilometer down, there was a loud "bang" and the helicopter was torn apart.

    A huge fireball exploded from the helicopter, and hundreds of tons of explosives exploded in the cabin.

    The heat wave lifted up with the billowing black smoke, and when looking out from the carriage, there was an overwhelming black fog in sight.


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