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    Wu Jie felt very painful, she had never felt such pain in her life.

    Something was rapidly draining, it was blood, and it was also her little life left.

    At the last moment of her life, Wu Jie opened her eyes, staring fixedly at the shadows outside the goose-yellow curtain.

    She clenched her teeth tightly, and the taste of blood filled her nose. Endless hatred surged up, and she kept recalling what she saw two hours ago in her mind.


    The spacious hall is resplendent with gold and jade, and the bead curtains that flash with light meander to the ground, embellished with heavy silk veils.

    Dozens of figures in splendid costumes were sitting in the hall, talking and laughing in low voices.

    Not long after the young emperor succeeded to the throne, Wei's harem was not full, but the dozens of concubines were all stunning beauties. Looking around, they were surrounded by pearls and greenery, like fairies in a shrine.

    According to the rules of the harem, every morning the concubines would come to Phoenix Rite Palace to pay their respects to the queen.

    At this time, the dignified empress has not yet arrived, and the atmosphere in the hall is loose. The concubines chat and laugh freely, or gossip about the latest popular jewelry styles, or talk about leisure anecdotes outside the palace, and the warm spring breeze will fill the hall with warmth. Soft words sent out the window.

    The atmosphere is bright and harmonious, just like this garden full of spring.

    In this warm atmosphere, there is a lonely figure who is out of tune with the prosperity of this place.

    Wu Jie was sitting in the back corner, and the surrounding seats were empty. She was very beautiful, and she was dressed in a plain blue palace attire that still couldn't hide her delicate complexion.

    She was sitting in a secluded corner with an anxious and hesitant expression, her hands unconsciously pressing on her abdomen.

    The large, bright eyes were surrounded by heavy shadows, which stood out against the fair complexion. haven't slept well for a long time, not only because of the fetus in womb, but also because of the bad news that just came last month.

    She is a daughter of the clan of the Yue Kingdom. Five years ago, she was conferred the title of princess and sent to Da Wei for marriage. As a gift from a weak and small country to a strong country, at the beginning, Great Wei still gave her face, plus he wanted to win over the Yue country, so he was named a noble concubine when he entered the palace. It's a pity that she is isolated and helpless in the palace, and she has a bad relationship with the queen. In addition, Yue Guo betrayed his promise and joined South Chen, and the border war resumed. Her status in this strange palace is even more embarrassing.

    Soon the queen found a wrong place to abolish her concubine position and demote her to a noble concubine. Afterwards, she wisely protected herself and kept claiming that she would not get sick, but she was stable for a few days.

    However, the border war intensified afterwards. Finally, a few months ago, the Yue Kingdom was destroyed by the Great Wei.

    After that, all the dignitaries of Yue Country, from the monarch to the officials, were sent to Beijing.

    Calculating the distance, it is almost time to arrive at Capital City. It is said that the Ministry of Rites is preparing to hold a prisoner offering ceremony.

    Wu Jie sat in the corner restlessly. Since Yue Country was wiped out, every piece of news that came would break her heart. How is it at home? Father, mother, and sisters, feel sorry for her in the inner palace, with no power and influence, and she can't even hear the news in time. She could only be anxious day and night, and she became skinny and her abdomen became more protruding. She was only three months pregnant as if she was four or five months old.

    None of the concubines in the palace paid attention to Wu Jie, but their eyes fell to this lonely corner from time to time, especially on her slightly protruding belly.

    At the beginning of the attack on Yue Country, the young emperor somehow remembered this Yue concubine, and summoned her to come a few times, but it was just these few times that she became pregnant! It should be known that there is no prince born in the harem of Great Wei today. If this Yue girl gave birth to a son, not only will she have to turn over salty fish, but for her sake, the treatment of the Yue Country clan will also be relaxed .

    Would the Queen have just watched something like this happen? You know, the empress hated Yue Country to the bone, the only son of the Gao family, the younger brother of the empress empress died in Yue Country.

    Wu Jie crossed her hands and landed on her lower abdomen. This was her only expectation. Falling into this palace, she originally wanted to be wise and safe, and just spend her life peacefully hiding in that remote small courtyard like this, but time changes and the world is unpredictable, which is beyond her control.

    Knowing the news that the Yue Country was about to be destroyed, she had no choice but to get involved in the chaos again, and cleverly used tricks to attract the emperor's attention, and finally won the favor again.

    It was also God's blessing, but after several happy times, she became pregnant. Although she is a Yue girl, the emperor who is empty under his knees is still very happy, after all, there is no child in this palace yet.

    She had to keep this child, not only her life was at stake, but also the future of the Wu family.

    I remember that after the emperor learned that she was pregnant, although he did not promote her, he promised to treat the returned Yue Country people kindly, and sent people to give food and clothing to the imprisoned Yue Country monarch.

    Although it was just a simple reward, the hidden meaning was extremely complicated.

    But she understands that this child is not expected by anyone. Not only the queen, but many concubines in the palace are from military generals in the court. What would happen if she was favored by such a Yue concubine and even gave birth to a prince?

    It's not that there are no children in the palace, but the only prince died before he was two years old, and several concubines were pregnant before, but unfortunately miscarried. Including the aloof empress empress. It is said that she miscarried after hearing the news of her brother's death.

    Just as he was engrossed in his thoughts, the ceremonial eunuch sang loudly and interrupted the discussion in the hall.

    "The empress is here!"

    A woman in vermilion palace attire walked in slowly surrounded by a dozen female officials. She was slender and slender, with a gorgeous face like a blooming peony, and her slightly raised red phoenix eyes were sharp. It was Great Wei's current Empress Zhonggong Gao. She was born in the most prominent family of the Duke of Yu in Great Wei. Three generations made great contributions to Great Wei. Although the young emperor was not the most fond of this majestic empress, he respected her very much.

    All the concubines stood up quickly and saluted respectfully.

    Empress Shi Shiran took her seat, glanced around, and then said: "There is no need to be too polite, just take your seat."

    After everyone sat down, Empress Gao said in a deep voice, "There is something I want to tell everyone today. Because of the great victory at the front line, there are a few more sisters in the palace."

    Wu Jie in the corner trembled, could it be that Yue Country wanted a woman to enter the palace again?

    That's right, a few days ago, heard from the servants in the palace that the front line sent dozens of outstandingly beautiful clan ladies to Capital City one step ahead of schedule.

    For these noble daughters of the clan, they are usually rewarded to meritorious soldiers or important officials of the court, and occasionally there will be a few of them in the palace who are interested.

    According to the meaning of the queen, there must be a woman who will be left in the palace to serve. don't know which sister in the family? Wu Jie was trapped in the palace, and the news was blocked. When she heard about it at this time, she was immediately filled with grief and joy, and she almost shed tears.

    "Hmph, it's nothing more than a bunch of subjugated maidservants." Concubine Shen gently shook the pearl fan in her hand, and cast a casual glance at Wu Jie in the corner.

    Wu Jie seemed to have never heard of it. She hadn't seen her family for several years. At this moment, she was completely immersed in the anxiety of reuniting after a long absence, her emotions were surging, and she couldn't hold herself back.

    Empress Gao ignored Concubine Shen's sarcasm, turned her head to look at Concubine Wang Xian, and asked, "Is everything arranged?"

    Concubine Wang Xian was the person in charge of this matter, and she quickly replied: "Everything has been tidied up, and I am waiting for your empress to summon you."

    "Then let's pass it on. Everyone should get to know each other too." The Empress ordered calmly.

    Under the guidance of the eunuchs, four slender and beautiful girls were led into the hall.

    The four of them were all cardamom years, wearing pink long skirts, like four flowers blooming on a branch, tender and novel.

    They may have been transferred and taught the rules. They walked on the soft vermilion brocade mat with regular steps and bowed eyebrows. When they arrived in the hall, they all knelt down on the ground.

    Wu Jie almost couldn't help standing up, and she recognized at a glance that the girl walking at the back was her sister Wu Wan. grown up.

    Seeing her thin and pale face, Wu Jie suddenly had an ominous thought. How is father? Where is mother? She couldn't wait to ask, but could only suppress all doubts.

    Empress Gao was not in a hurry to get the four of them up, she casually picked up the teacup and took a sip. A eunuch hurried into the hall and presented an official document.

    The female officer next to the queen took it and presented it to Feng Jia.

    Empress Gao opened it to look, then raised her head suddenly, and glanced at the four girls kneeling on the ground with a half-smile.

    "Is there such a thing?" She gestured slightly. The female officer forwarded the document to Concubine Wang Xian.

    Concubine Wang Xian took it in a puzzled manner, and after a glance, her face paled.

    The queen said unhurriedly: "You will take care of these four people after entering the palace, what do you think of this matter?"

    "Your Majesty, I don't know my concubine, this...these four people were only sent to the palace two days ago. The concubine has only followed the old rules for two days and taught some rules in the palace. It is absolutely impossible for this to happen in my palace. Lost virginity." Concubine Wang Xian has always been honest, so she never knew that such a thing would happen.

    Concubine Shen was shocked when she heard the words, "What, lost virginity? Is there someone who lost virginity among these four people?"

    All the concubines and concubines in the palace had brilliant expressions, surprised, disgusted, and gloating.

    Lu Zhaoyi said softly: "The concubine Xian only took care of her for two days to teach the rules of the palace. Her daily contact is with eunuchs and female officials. There is absolutely no possibility that anything will happen. If there is anything, it must be before entering the palace."

    While talking, she covered her mouth and nose with a Jinpa, and looked at the four girls kneeling in the center as if she was looking at something dirty.

    "Those who lose their virginity must be ignorant of self-discipline, and there are things going on in the house."

    The four girls looked at each other blankly. They have already suffered enough from the ups and downs these days, and they didn't even realize what these words meant for a while.

    Concubine Shen frowned, "A lowly woman dares to send this kind of lewdness into the palace. Dongyue is indeed a land of barbarians who don't know how to behave properly."

    Empress Gao snorted coldly: "They don't know etiquette, so I will teach them! Concubine Wang Xian, what is the crime of losing virginity and entering the palace?"

    "This, entering the palace with an incomplete body, is deceiving the Tian family, and even trying to confuse the royal blood. His crime is unforgivable, and he should be killed, and his family members will be held accountable..."

    The word stick death pierced into the ears, and the four girls were stunned and at a loss.

    Empress Gao acted resolutely: "Since that's the case, let's deal with it according to the palace rules. The emperor is not in Capital City now, so this palace is in charge. Drag that low maidservant who lost her virginity out to death."

    As soon as the order was given, two burly eunuchs immediately stepped forward and grabbed Wu Wan's arms, one from the left and the other from the right. The other three girls knelt on the spot, panicked and at a loss.

    Wu Wan struggled violently, "Don't touch me, you robbers and dogs!"

    The girl was spoiled and spoiled since she was a child, and even cursing was just a few words repeated over and over again.

    Empress Gao didn't even bother to look at her, as if she was just an insignificant ant in front of her. She put down the teacup and told Concubine Wang Xian, "I have made up four quotas, so there is no chance that there will be a vacancy. I will trouble you to go to the Secretary of the Palace later, and send someone to Xiufang to choose another one to send in to fill this vacancy." Son."

    "Your Majesty is right." Concubine Wang Xian nodded repeatedly.

    Wu Jie couldn't bear it anymore, she stood up abruptly: "Stop!"

    Empress Gao glanced at her coldly, "Is there anything for Concubine Wu?"

    "This matter has not yet been settled, how can we use lynching without authorization..."

    Before he could finish speaking, Lu Zhaoyi interrupted: "Wu Guibi be careful, why is there a lynching in Phoenix Rite Palace? A little tribute girl, doesn't the empress have the right to make a decision? A piece of advice, Wu Gui Now that your body is precious, you should take good care of it and stop worrying about these trivial matters."

    Concubine Wang Xian frowned and said: "Hurry up and drag me down, Wu Guifei, please sit still."

    Seeing that she was about to be dragged out of the hall, Wu Wan seemed to be breaking the jar, crying and shouting: "I lost my virginity because of you, you robbers who are not as good as beasts, I curse you to die in the future .”

    Wu Jie wanted to rush forward to stop the tragedy, but several female officers had already quietly come up behind her, and when they saw her move, they immediately stepped forward to stop her.

    Wu Jie struggled violently and shouted sharply: "Let go!" Everyone turned a deaf ear.

    Empress Gao frowned, "Wu Guifei is in a bad mood, so go back to the palace to rest earlier."

    With an order, several female officials grabbed Wu Jie, half dragged and half lifted, and wanted to send her back to the palace.

    There was already a regular sound of boards outside, hitting on the girl's delicate body, the screams were extremely cruel.

    But the atmosphere in the hall is still warm and graceful.

    Empress Gao said slowly: "According to the law, this girl lost her virginity and entered the palace, so her family should be held accountable. But the Wu family of Yue Country has already surrendered. Considering the prestige of our Great Wei, it is not good to hold her family accountable too much."

    Concubine Wang Xian said with a smile: "Look at what you said, ma'am, I heard that this little girl's parents and family are all dead, and it's hard to find even the bones during the war, and it's hard to find out!"

    "That's true. I heard that after the city was broken, General Zhou ordered the city to be washed for three days, and the oars were shed with blood. The rest were demoted to lowly slaves..."

    "This is what happens to the traitors at both ends of the first mouse."


    The continuous sound of discussion came from all around, like the beating of drums, knocking on the ears.

    From these discussions, Wu Jie knew that the country of Wei had suffered heavy losses because of serving Nan Chen before. Great Wei was extremely hostile to Yue. In order to retaliate, and to kill others, after breaking the city, the Wei Dynasty carried out an extremely cruel cleansing of Xinshao, the capital of the captured Yue Kingdom, and allowed the soldiers to plunder and massacre it. , the originally prosperous city was almost reduced to scorched earth, and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and reduced to lowly slaves.

    On the Qingshi Square outside, there were Wu Wan's shrill screams and dull slaps, while inside the hall was a more ruthless thunderbolt from the blue.

    Wu Jie was dragged out of the palace gate. just felt distracted, and a mouthful of blood rushed to throat.

    Finally, his vision went dark and he passed out.

    In the confusion, it seems that there is a heat flowing along the legs,

    "It's not good, Wu Guifei is popular!" The palace servant's scream came from next to his ear.

    Wu Jie couldn't remember clearly what happened after that, she just felt the pain like a torrent of waves, submerging her whole body.

    What a vicious heart! Empress Gao must have done it on purpose, as well as Concubine Wang Xian and Lu Zhaoyi...everyone here is an accomplice, in order to end her, and this child's life...

    Lying on the bed, Wu Jie stared blankly at the embroidered curtain above her head until her eyes were bloodshot and slowly turned into darkness.

    If there is an afterlife, will never enter this Shura field!

    In the sixth year of Tianzhao in the Great Wei Dynasty, Wu, the noble concubine in the harem, became pregnant and died of a miscarriage and collapse.


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