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    Opening her eyes, Wu Jie felt as if she had experienced a nightmare, and her whole body was sore.

    Where is she? I remember that I had a miscarriage, and the feeling of hellish pain is still firmly engraved in my heart, as well as my sister, parents, family members... Wu Jie couldn't help but hugged her arms and shrunk her body into a ball as much as possible.

    "Princess, are you awake?" A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.

    It seems to be Zifen's voice, is she hallucinating? Didn't Zifen fall into the water and die in the year she entered the palace?

    Could it be that she is dead, and now she is in the underworld, so she can reunite with Zifen? Then sister, and family, can see them too! Thinking of this, Wu Jie's emotions suddenly surged.

    She quickly turned her head to look around, and she saw the familiar light blue curtain embroidered with bamboo patterns, with sterling silver hooks inlaid with pearls hanging on both sides, and hanging strings with glazed beads.

    Isn't this your own bed? She had lived in the embroidered couch that she was very familiar with for fifteen years.

    The more I look at it, the more shocked I am. Through the gaps in the curtain, there is a window carved with five blessings and birthday patterns outside. On the table in front of the window is my favorite porcelain vase. There are no seasonal flowers in it, but Two red maple leaves.

    This kind of maple tree with pure color and golden veins can only be found in the back garden of Prince De's Mansion in Xinshao.

    "Princess," the curtain was lifted, and Zifen's familiar round face was revealed, and she said with a smile, "Today's weather is just right, didn't the princess say that she would go to Xianhe Temple for fun..." Before she finished speaking, she was caught by Wu Jie's expression. Scared.

    "Princess, why are you crying, but why do you feel uncomfortable?" Zihui was at a loss.

    Startled by the sound in the room, several maids ran in. Zihui stared at the little girl who was on duty last night, and asked sharply: "How did the Princess sleep last night? Did she have a nightmare?"

    The little girl was taken aback and waved her hands again and again, "The princess slept very well last night!"

    "Aren't you guys dozing off lazily?"

    Wu Jie's face was pale and trembling, she didn't look like she had slept well.

    The little girl was so frightened that she almost cried. Wu Jie shook her head, reluctantly said: "I'm fine, Zifen, please don't curse."

    I don't know which maid was talking too much and sent the news of Wu Jie's illness. Not long after, a middle-aged beautiful woman hurried over with the maid.

    "Jie'er, how are you? But what's not comfortable?"

    Looking at her mother's familiar face, Wu Jie couldn't help but shed tears.

    Afterwards, there was a lot of chaos, and the princess sent people into the palace to invite the imperial doctor to come over, and after a while, they read and asked about everything, and prescribed a bunch of prescriptions for recuperation.

    Lying on the bed, drinking the tonic prescription prescribed by the imperial physician. Wu Jie was finally sure of one thing, she was back! Although she didn't know the reason, she miraculously returned to the past. Back to the days when she was not yet a princess and kissed Great Wei.

    This is the happiest time of her life!

    Looking at her mother's gentle face, Lu Shi was babbling about how she didn't cover herself with the quilt last night, and that the servants didn't know how to serve her.

    Dongyue is a small country, the royal family has a simple population, and several generations have not had many children. The previous generation of emperors left only two princes, and the eldest son inherited the throne, who is the current reigning Emperor Zhengen. The youngest son named Prince De is Wu Jie's father.

    Prince De has a gentle temperament, loves piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even gardens and flowers. He manages a huge Prince De's Mansion extremely delicately.

    Married to a wife from a well-known family in East Vietnam, the husband and wife have a deep relationship. Unfortunately, Lu only gave birth to two daughters, namely Wu Jie and Wu Wan sisters. King De has a peaceful temperament and can take it easy. He only said that having a daughter is everything. He didn't try his best to take concubines and choose maidservants like ordinary powerful families, and worked hard to give birth to a son.

    Therefore, Wu Jie's family was harmonious and happy since she was a child, until there was a thunderbolt on a sunny day, she was selected to marry the Northern Wei Dynasty, and her life was turned upside down from then on.

    Lu Clan sighed: "Your father has also heard about your illness, and he just sent someone back to inquire about your condition. Alas, in order to receive the envoys from the Northern Wei Dynasty, your father may not be free these days..."

    Wu Jie's body trembled. After waking up, she was completely immersed in the joy and happiness of being reborn. She didn't even have time to ask clearly, what time is it now?

    "The envoys of the Northern Wei Dynasty?"

    "Yeah, I just arrived in Capital City yesterday, and the emperor asked your father to be in charge of entertaining you. Alas, this kind of angel from the kingdom is the most unforgiving, especially when the kingdom of Wei defeated South Chen recently and occupied more than ten cities in a row. Sending envoys to Dongyue now, I'm afraid the drunkard's intention is not to drink!"

    As a princess, Lu Clan also has a little understanding of political affairs. After saying a few words, she was startled when she saw her daughter's face turned pale and her spirits were weak.

    Wu Jie managed to remain calm, and comforted her, "Mother and Concubine don't have to worry, I'm just sleepy and want to sleep for a while."

    "Alright, you have taken the decoction and have a good rest."

    Mrs. Lu personally took care of her beloved daughter to lie down. Seeing that Wu Jie closed her eyes and her breathing gradually became even, she breathed a sigh of relief.

    When they got outside the door, they told Zifen and the others to get Wu Jie to get up and take medicine on time before leaving.

    The room gradually became quiet, thinking that Wu Jie had fallen asleep, the maids in the room relaxed their hands and feet and made no sound.

    Only a slight breeze blows in from the gap in the window, blowing the two maple leaves in full swing on the desk to sway non-stop.

    In the silence, Wu Jie opened her eyes again.

    As a small country sandwiched between Great Wei and South Chen, Dongyue's position has always been delicate. On the whole, Dongyue is regarded as a vassal state of South Chen, who has to pay tribute every year, and even the succession to the throne has to receive the letter of credence from South Chen and announce it to the world. Even Emperor Zhengen's empress is a noble daughter from South Chen.

    But Dongyue also did not dare to offend the Great Wei who dominated the north, and paid tribute every year, which was extremely polite.

    Of course, it was not only Dongyue who did this, it was also the case in several small countries along the Shun River, including the neighboring Pingguo and Anguo. As a small country sandwiched between two behemoths, it can only survive in the cracks.

    Wei's envoys come every year as usual, but this year is different from the past. The Great Wei had just defeated Nanchen and occupied more than ten cities in a row.

    The attitude towards these dependent countries that originally belonged to South Chen has naturally changed drastically.

    Follow the track in memory. This time, the envoys of the Great Wei were extremely strict, and many harsh conditions were stated in the letter of credence presented.

    Thinking of this, Wu Jie felt a burst of resentment welling up. She actually went back to the year when she got married!

    To Great Wei's harshness, Dongyue had no choice but to respond one by one, and canonized Wu Jie as a princess, and sent her to Great Wei's harem for marriage.

    Wu Jie entered the harem of the Great Wei Dynasty, struggling on all fronts, surrounded by enemies. Until a few years later, Dongyue died, and he and his sister died.

    I thought the happiness and sweetness of returning to my side turned out to be nothing more than a mirror image. But in a few months, she will once again embark on that road of no return. That being the case, why did God let her live again, just to let her taste the endless pain again?

    She didn't want to go to Da Wei to get married, but among the noble daughters of the clan, the two older princesses and sisters were already married, and the third princess born by the empress was the same age as Wu Wan, only eleven years old this year. Although the other members of the royal family were of suitable age, they were all from the common lineage, and sending them to the court of Wei with a low status might cause dissatisfaction instead.

    Recalling how her parents were in great grief but helpless, Wu Jie couldn't help but shed tears.

    If I still want to get married this time, I'm afraid it will still fall on me, what should I do? Claiming to be sick, he refused and simply ran away.

    But if he ran away, what would his parents and younger sister do? Even if their whole family can escape, what about uncle Huang, cousins, and the hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Xinshao City?

    Ha, where can escape? remember that just a few years later, the whole world will change their surname to Wei.


    After thinking about it, there is no way out. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became. Wu Jie felt as if her heart was ashes, and she fell asleep in a daze after staying up most of the night.

    When it was time to take the medicine, Zifen wanted to wake Wu Jie up, but was shocked to see her flushed face and blurred eyes. Although the princess fell ill yesterday, her condition improved after taking the medicine. Unexpectedly, after sleeping, her condition worsened.

    Waking up again, Wu Jie felt top-heavy and sore all over.

    Zifen hastily sent someone to boil the medicine, and then personally went to inform the princess. It's a wild game.

    Not long after, even the palace was alarmed. The queen sent a trusted female officer to inquire about Wu Jie's condition.

    Lu Clan sat by the bed, watching his daughter's forehead burning hot, he felt as if his heart was being pierced, and couldn't help cursing the imperial doctor for deceiving the world and stealing his name, without a trace of real information.

    Wu Jie shook her head, she is suffering from heart disease now, how can the imperial physician's medicine be effective.

    She had always had a clear mind, and she was in a daze with fever. If she died like this, wouldn't she have to go for a kiss?

    This is also good, the quality of the clean will come and go, if you are lucky enough to die at home at this time, you will never have to go through those storms and swords. My short life is all about the care and love of my parents, the innocence of my sister, and the innocence of my friends. Like-minded... Isn't it also a kind of happiness.

    Thinking of this, Wu Jie actually felt a sense of relief, and she didn't even want to drink the medicine anymore.

    After burning for a day and a night, Lu Clan was so anxious that he went crazy, hurriedly went to find her husband, and wanted to invite a famous doctor in the city for diagnosis and treatment.

    Lying on the bed, Wu Jie was in a daze, feeling the whispers of the maids around her.

    Zifen and the others were anxiously surrounding the bed. A soft cotton cloth soaked in cool water was placed on the forehead.

    That's fine, I don't have to get married, and Zifen and the others don't have to follow her into the palace...

    Just as he was drowsy, a clear and clear voice came to his ears.

    "Is my sister still not well? How did you fall ill?" The voice was soft and clear, like a pink oriole.

    Wu Jie reluctantly opened her eyes, and at the end of her line of sight was Wu Wan's familiar beautiful face. Her round red face was as cute as an apple. Because of her rapid running, she couldn't stop panting, she threw herself on the bed, her eyes were full of concern.

    "Sister..." She held Wu Jie's hand anxiously.

    Sister... Thinking of the last tragedy in her life, Wu Jie still felt ashamed.

    Unexpectedly, if you live again, and you can see the loved ones you care about before you die, even death is worth it.

    However, if she died like this, her younger sister...she still couldn't escape the ending of being sent to the court as a spoil of war! And father, mother, and the country of Dongyue...

    Wu Jie was shocked, she couldn't die! If you die like this, why do you have to do it all over again? God was willing to bestow such an opportunity on her, and she definitely didn't let her waste it like this.

    She struggled to open her mouth, her voice was hoarse and difficult, "What about the medicine, I..."

    Seeing the Princess woke up, Zifen and the maids were overjoyed, and quickly fed her another half bowl of ginseng soup.

    Wu Jie's temperament is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, with a clear and intelligent mind. Her illness is a heart disease. With the idea of ​​struggling to survive, it is more effective than any panacea. After a few doses of medicine, his complexion recovered a lot.

    Lu Clan didn't dare to be careless, for fear of repeating it, he stayed with his daughter to take care of her for several days.

    Fortunately, Wu Jie's condition recovered quickly. Two days later, not only did her fever subside, but her appetite also recovered.


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