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    In the afternoon of this day, Wu Jie lay on the bed half asleep and half awake. Suddenly I heard a low voice from outside: "How is Jie'er's condition?"

    It's dad coming! Thinking of my own illness, my mother's hard work and care, my younger sister's fear, and my father's worrying and worrying, I felt ashamed.

    His Highness Wu Chengqi, the Prince De of Dongyue, is now in his prime. He is handsome and handsome, with a black mustache on his lips, and a heroic look in his refined eyebrows and eyes.

    These days because of running around and working too much, his eyes are slightly black and blue, which makes Lu Clan feel distressed.

    In order to entertain the envoys from the Northern Wei Dynasty, Prince De didn't have time to go home to rest these few days, and only found time to come back to see his daughter twice.

    As soon as he entered the door, he rushed to his daughter's yard. Wu Chengqi didn't even have time to change his coat. When he saw Lu Clan, he kept asking: "I just heard from the doctor that it has improved a lot, but is it true?"

    "That's right. I just took the medicine and fell asleep. My sleep is more stable than the previous two days, and my appetite for eating has improved. I saw that some of the famous doctors in the folk are even better than the imperial doctors in the palace." The daughter's condition improved, Lu Clan also relaxed a lot, and smiled while pouring tea for her husband.

    Wu Chengqi nodded repeatedly, and his expression relaxed.

    Lu Clan couldn't help asking: "Even though the prince is working hard, you should take good care of your body. You see that the circles of your eyes have turned black, like a bamboo bear."

    Amused by her ridicule, Wu Chengqi sighed again after laughing, "Oh, these angels from the kingdom of heaven are the most difficult to serve, not to mention the harsh conditions proposed this time, and it is specified that the two countries should enter into an marriage relationship, and marry Qin and Jin. good."

    Lu was taken aback, "Isn't that going to marry?" Among the noble daughters of the clan, the only close-aged girl of the right age is her own parent's daughter. satisfy. As soon as I thought of this, I suddenly panicked.

    "How good is this? Our Jie'er has a spoiled temperament, and we can't live without me for a day..."

    This is how parents in the world love their children. Wu Jie was lying on the bed, quietly listening to the conversation of her parents in the main hall outside, her eyes were red, she wanted to get up to meet her father, but she thought of showing her crying appearance to her mother He had to worry again, so he lay down on the bed and pretended to sleep.

    Wu Chengqi quickly comforted, "Don't worry, I think Great Wei doesn't want our princess, but intends to marry the clan daughter into my Dongyue as the crown princess."

    Wu Jie was lying on the bed, and suddenly a thunderbolt rushed into her mind.

    By the way, the marriage between the two countries does not necessarily mean that Dongyue will marry the princess into the Great Wei, and conversely, it can also marry the daughter of the Great Wei's clan!

    In the past, Dongyue was a vassal state of South Chen, and the emperors of the last three generations married the daughters of South Chen's clan or great nobles.

    However, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has not yet engaged in marriage. If Dongyue changed his family and became a vassal state of the Great Wei in the future, then it would be logical to marry the noble daughter of the Great Wei clan as the Crown Princess, or even the future queen.

    Compared with marrying a princess as a concubine, for Great Wei, such a marriage is obviously more reliable. After all, the former is just an extra insignificant beauty in the harem, while the latter can influence a country through the future queen.

    In an instant, a new door opened before Wu Jie's eyes, and even her body felt three points lighter. can't wait to get out of bed immediately and plan carefully.

    Her thoughts turned even faster. She was in the boudoir in her previous life, she had no interest in government affairs, nor did she pay any attention to the envoys of the Great Wei Dynasty.

    It is obvious that it is more in line with Great Wei's wishes for the prince to get married, but why did the final result of the previous life be that he went to Great Wei's harem by himself?

    I remember that in my previous life, my marriage was decided on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is exactly one month away from now. During this month, something must have happened, so that the two countries finally decided to make a marriage for their daughter.

    What can I do to change this result?

    Wu Chengqi discussed with Lu Clan for a while, and seeing that Wu Jie was sleeping soundly, he told his servants to take good care of him, and left first.

    Zifen brought the stewed thick ginseng chicken soup into the room, but saw that the princess who was supposed to be resting on the bed had already woken up.

    Chi Rui was at a loss with the two little maids, seeing Zifen coming in, she hurriedly said: "Zifen, please persuade the princess, her condition has just improved, so she has to get up and paint."

    Zifen quickly put down the ginseng soup, and when she got to the table, she saw that the princess was sitting in front of the table, smearing casually on the paper, her brows that were originally deeply furrowed were relaxed.

    Zifen was in a daze, Wu Jie pointed to the chicken soup on the table with a smile. "Don't let it go, I'm just feeling hungry."

    Zihui hurriedly brought the chicken soup to her.

    The delicious and rich soup slipped into her stomach, Wu Jie felt her whole body was refreshed, and her pale face also became a little rosy.

    After drinking a bowl of chicken soup, Wu Jie laughed and said, "I've been lying on the bed for the past few days, my body is sore, I come down to do some activities, and I don't go out, just draw a few strokes to relax my mind. What's the fuss about that?" of."

    Zihui watched carefully and saw that she was indeed in better spirits, so she smiled and said, "I just hope the princess will take care of herself and don't exhaust her energy too much. After all, she is just recovering from a serious illness, and she should rest in peace. It's just pity for us."

    Wu Jie smiled and said, "You guys are too careful, don't worry, don't I know how to cherish my body?"

    Zifen accompanied her with a smile, but she was thinking in her heart, don't you know that two days ago, her body was disintegrated and her face was dismal, as if she was about to go away due to illness. Even if the illness comes like a mountain, this mountain is too scary...

    The chattering of the maidservants did not affect Wu Jie's brightened mood in the slightest.

    She calmed down, drawing casually with the brushstrokes in her hands. This is her habit. When thinking, she likes to scribble with a pen in her hand.

    Zifen watched quietly from the side. Although she didn't know what the princess smeared the symbols on the paper, she always felt that there was something different about her princess's illness. Whether it was the sad and painful expression before, Still the clear and firm eyes now...

    Short-term goal: to help the prince's elder brother to marry the noble daughter of the great Wei clan, so that he doesn't have to make a marriage.

    Long-term goal: Advise the emperor's uncle not to vacillate desperately between the Great Wei and South Chen.

    After confirming the route, Wu Jie's thinking broadened a lot.

    To achieve these two goals, the most convenient way is to go through the father, but the father loves himself very much. In the previous life, he decided to get married by himself. He must have tried his best to reverse it. In other words, the efforts of the father will only fail.

    The final decision rests with the imperial palace, the imperial uncle, the empress who was born in the South Chen clan, and the elder brother of the prince.

    These days have to go to the palace, Wu Jie made up her mind.

    Dabbling casually on the white rice paper, Wu Jie's thoughts flashed, and she remembered something again. Among the recent goals, there is still one thing that needs to be resolved, which is the assassination of the Great Wei envoy.

    I remember that not long before the Mid-Autumn Festival, when Great Wei’s envoys were wandering in the market, they were involved in a brawl and more than 20 people were killed and injured on the spot. The dead included a deputy envoy, three ceremony officials, and more than a dozen guards. Fortunately, Zheng Shi escaped in time at that time, but was only seriously injured.

    After the incident, Great Wei was furious, Dongyue panicked, and strictly ordered a thorough investigation of the matter. All those involved in the fight in the street market and those involved in the nearby shops were imprisoned and tortured. The case became a sensation, and eventually hundreds of people were involved in the death .

    Most of them were shopkeepers, buddies, and even passers-by who were innocent victims, which aroused complaints from the people of East Vietnam. While Great Wei was satisfied on the surface, he also held a grudge against the result.

    Empress Gao, in particular, has always hated herself, the Princess of East Vietnam, because among the dozen or so people killed, there was her own younger brother, who was the only one left in the Gao family's generation.

    The Gao family is the mainstay of the Great Wei. All the men joined the army and fought on the battlefield. They made great contributions to the Great Wei. Empress Gao herself, and her three elder brothers all died in the front line, and now there is only this male left in the third generation of the Gao family.

    The court of the Great Wei Dynasty also sympathized with the generations of Gao's loyalists. Although the youngest son made several petitions to serve in the army, he was rejected by the emperor and his queen sister. He is only willing to let him take up a prominent and leisurely job.

    This mission to Dongyue is definitely a leisurely and lucrative job, and he can also travel in mountains and rivers. Who would have thought that such a seemingly peaceful job would hide murderous intentions and ruin his life here.

    After hearing that her younger brother was killed, Empress Gao was greatly mourned, which directly led to a miscarriage. Afterwards, her body was seriously injured, and she was recuperated for several years without any sign of pregnancy.

    At that time, in order to win over Dongyue and show his kindness, Great Wei could not hold Dongyue too accountable.

    After she entered the palace, she became Empress Gao's punching bag, because she was not only the princess of Dongyue, but also Prince De's own daughter. And Prince De is the person in charge of receiving the diplomatic mission.

    Because of being implicated in this incident, Prince De was once demoted and deprived of his title, so he could only contemplate his mistakes behind closed doors at home.

    Since I have lived again, I must not let such a tragedy happen again.

    Although Wu Jie was filled with displeasure at the thought of saving Empress Gao's younger brother, but for the safety of her family, this small grievance was completely irrelevant.

    It's just... remember that there were rumors all the time that it wasn't a market dandy who did the assassination at that time, but an assassin lurking in from South Chen. After all, the guards around the envoys are all elite, how can ordinary hooligans kill more than 20 people in a short time?

    If it is really a South Chen spy, how should I proceed with the layout?


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