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    Stepping into the gate of Changle Palace, Wu Jie felt a lot more relaxed.

    The two of them entered the gate of the palace under the guidance of the maid. Concubine Lu Gui came up to meet her and jokingly said, "Why did you come here so late? The day lily on my plate was cold and then hot, hot and then cold, several times."

    Concubine Lu Guifei's natural skin is like snow, her face is delicate and beautiful, her round face is a little babyish, she will be nearly forty next year, but she looks like she is only twenty-seven or eight years old, and she is lively , the words are playful, and she is almost younger than this sister Lu.

    Before Wu Jie and her mother could salute, she dragged her into the hall one by one.

    The two of them didn't insist, and while walking, Lu Clan smiled lightly and said: "The empress gave their sisters a few new tribute sparrows, and Jieer followed the third princess to pick them for a while, which delayed some time."

    Lu Guifei's eyes fell on the cage carried by the maid behind Wu Jie, and she said with a smile: "No wonder I heard birds singing outside the door just now. I wonder where the birds sing so beautifully."

    Wu Jie took the cage from the maid and brought it in front of Lu Guifei.

    Concubine Lu Gui admired it for a while, and couldn't help asking: "You two beautiful little things, why don't they bark?"

    Wu Jie laughed and said, "I'm afraid I saw too many people in the hall, and I was frightened."

    "Then let's go to the Feifeng Pavilion in the backyard. I happened to be waiting for you in the hall for a long time, and I was very depressed."

    The three of them went to the small garden behind Changle Palace with only their confidant maid.

    It was the end of summer, and the garden was full of luxuriant grass, graceful flowers and trees, and the scenery was extremely beautiful.

    A clever court lady had already set up fruit snacks and tea in the gazebo. The three of them didn't pay much attention to those empty etiquettes, and took their seats separately.

    "Oh, I was shocked just now. The Empress has talked about Jie'er's marriage." Lu Shi had no intention of hiding anything from her own sister. The pavilion has a high foundation and is open and bright on all sides, so it is not afraid of someone eavesdropping.

    Concubine Lu Gui's complexion also sank, and she sighed: "Last night, the sage came to my place to rest, and I took the opportunity to ask a few questions about the envoys of the Northern Wei Dynasty. According to what he said, the in-laws are finalized this time." It’s just that whether Zhen’er married the daughter of the clan of the Northern Wei Dynasty or married the princess into the Northern Dynasty is still unclear.” Zhen’er is the current prince Wu Zhen of Dongyue and the biological son of Concubine Lu Gui.

    "The meaning of the Northern Wei Dynasty is that they want to marry a noble lady, but I'm afraid that the one in Weiyang Palace will not agree. The Holy Majesty is also worried."

    "Yesterday, Empress Chen also went to see the Holy Majesty, saying that both Nanping and Wan Kingdom are marrying princesses, why is it that when we come to Dongyue, we marry other people's clan daughters?"

    Empress Chen represents the Southern Dynasties.

    Lu Clan's expression was gloomy, and people had to bow their heads under the eaves. After all, Dongyue is a small country, whether it's the Northern Wei Dynasty or South Chen, they can't offend them.

    Concubine Lu Gui continued: "I know your worries, sister. I have watched Jie'er grow up since she was a child. If possible, I would not want her to leave her hometown and marry to such a distant place. After staying for a few days, I will marry her again." Find out what the emperor means and persuade him."

    Wu Jie listened beside her, her heart was slightly touched, the imperial concubine and aunt really loved her sincerely,

    Lu Clan was also quite moved, "Sister..."

    "We are all grown up, so don't be so childish." Concubine Lu Gui laughed, "I also thought that Zhen'er is still a man no matter what, and if he inherits that position in the future, he can still accept a concubine as a concubine. I will never be too wronged. And..."

    Concubine Lu Gui turned her eyes towards Empress Chen of Weiyang Palace, "If you really marry a daughter from the Northern Wei Dynasty, you can also overwhelm her in the future."

    The crown prince was born of Concubine Lu, and Empress Chen always complained about it, but it was different inside and outside, she didn't want to embarrass the crown prince too much, but it would be different if it was the crown prince.

    Looking back on the past, Wu Jie vaguely remembered that not long after she made an appointment to marry the Northern Wei Dynasty, South Chen also sent someone to marry the clan daughter as the crown prince, but was rejected by Dongyue, and the crown prince married the daughter of the Taifu. The life of this crown princess was quite difficult, and she was often punished by Queen Chen.

    "It's just that these major national affairs are not for us women to decide. We can only do our best."

    Wu Jie secretly smiled wryly, Lu Guifei's words hit the point.

    In the end, the matter of marriage is still a wrestling between Great Wei and Nanchen, not Concubine Lu or Prince De's Mansion, let alone her own decision. If there is anything that can be said among the people directly involved in this matter, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince may be the only one.

    After finishing this topic, Lu Guifei and Lu Clan turned to talk about anecdotes in the palace.

    Wu Jie lost interest, thinking about her next plan.

    Concubine Lu Gui noticed that she was absent-minded, so she smiled and said: "You monkey, don't listen to our nagging here. Didn't you read an ancient book written by your prince's brother last time? I heard that the second volume has been found, you go over have a look."

    When I was dozing off, someone brought me a pillow. Wu Jie was overjoyed, and got up quickly: "I'm going over now."


    The East Palace is just north of the Changle Palace, passing through the luxuriant woods, the eyes suddenly open up.

    Entering the study room in the East Palace, I saw the elder brother of the prince sitting at the table by the window, holding a volume of documents in his hand, but his mind was not on the book at all, and his eyes were cast on the lush green outside the window.

    The young man was born extremely handsome, just like a person in a painting, even though Wu Jie was used to seeing the face in front of her eyes, seeing her now, she couldn't help admiring, what a beautiful young man with the appearance of a banished fairy!

    Wu Zhen, the current crown prince of Dongyue, is sixteen years old, only half a year older than Wu Jie. The two grew up together, and they can be regarded as brother and sister. Unfortunately, as they get older, even though they belong to the same clan, they are not like their childhood friends. Just a joke like that.

    Although there are fewer contacts, the relationship is still deep. Wu Jie has no brothers, and has always treated the prince as her own brother.

    Looking back on her previous life, after hearing that the prince's elder brother didn't want to surrender and be humiliated, and finally committed suicide and died for the country, she was in the harem of the Great Wei Dynasty and secretly cried several times.

    Wu Zhen's appearance and temperament are exactly like his mother Lu Guifei, soft on the outside and strong on the inside. He is gentle and gentle in his daily work, but has a lofty and aloof personality. The country is ruined and the family is destroyed. I don't want to suffer those humiliations, and the ending of suicide is also expected.

    I haven't seen him for many years, but actually have the urge to shed tears.

    Seeing Wu Jie coming in, the prince withdrew his attention from the window, and said with a smile, "What kind of wind is it today, sister Jie'er brought you here." Turning around, he saw Wu Jie's expression of about to cry, and he couldn't help being surprised , hurriedly stood up.

    Wu Jie immediately realized that she had lost her composure, and quickly suppressed her sadness, and said with a smile: "I got sand in my eyes just now, I didn't expect the wind to be so strong upstairs." Then she changed the subject and asked, "What book is the prince reading?"

    Only then did Wu Zhen calm down, "I was just reading Yuefu, and when I read the sentence 'A cypress on the Qingling Mausoleum, a stone in the ravine of Lei Lei, life in the world, suddenly like a traveler from afar', I suddenly felt something in my heart, lost my mind for a moment, and made my sister laugh. "

    Wu Jie looked out the window. The study in the East Palace was built on the Minghua Building. From this angle, one could just see green pines and cypresses everywhere, clear springs flowing in the middle, and rocky rocks.

    Because Wu Zhen doesn't like bright seasonal flowers and trees, evergreen trees such as pines and cypresses are planted all over the East Palace. Now it seems that the scenery is extremely quiet, but it is also extremely lonely.

    My heart was touched, and immediately understood what felt. Presumably it is the changes in the government these days that made this elder brother, who has always been unwilling to bother with government affairs, start to feel the crisis.

    Wu Zhen didn't want to talk about these troublesome things, closed the scroll and said with a smile: "It's me."

    He wanted to avoid these chaotic political topics, but Wu Jie would not let him go easily.

    "Brother Prince only sees the vastness of the world and the few people who travel far away. Why didn't you read the article 'There are beauties in the north who are peerless and independent, looking at the city of Qingren, and then the country of Qingren'?"

    Wu Zhen shook his head helplessly and smiled wryly. Wu Jie's ridicule was naturally about the Northern Wei Dynasty's intended marriage, and he couldn't laugh or cry when he said it in such a tone. Then I thought again, just now this lively and lively sister Jie'er would show such a sad expression, I'm afraid it's not true that the wind and sand are blinding her eyes, but it's true that she is worried about being sent to get married.

    Thinking about it this way, can't help but feel pity.

    She is a weak woman, thousands of miles away from home, how can she not be worried, marrying herself is better than sacrificing a weak woman, thinking about it this way, this marriage is not without merit, at least it fulfills the happiness of a relative in front of her .

    Wu Zhen smiled along with the words: "There is a beautiful woman in the north, but I don't know what kind of temperament this beautiful woman has."

    Wu Jie's eyes lit up. Wu Zhen himself didn't seem to resist the marriage, so he asked, "Is the prince's brother worried that the royal family of the Wei Kingdom has an arrogant and indulgent personality and is difficult to get along with?"

    Wu Zhen sighed: "All the daughters of the Shang Kingdom are like this. After all, they are just like their fathers." Empress Chen has a stubborn personality.

    "The clan of the Great Wei may not be without beauties." Wu Jie joked with a smile. It's not that Wu Jie deliberately comforted him. She lived in the harem of the Great Wei for several years and knew a little about the noble daughters of the Great Wei clan. It is impossible for a princess to marry Dongyue, but among the daughters of princes and princes, there are only three or four of the right age. If it were her, she would definitely be able to talk with the prince's brother.

    Even if she wasn't Princess Qingning, no matter how arrogant and indulgent a girl is, seeing Wu Zhen's appearance and temperament, her heart would turn into tender fingers.

    Wu Jie has absolute confidence in the character, appearance and talent of her prince brother.

    The atmosphere of the Northern Wei Dynasty always admired the beauty of men, and there was even a good story about throwing fruit and a cart. Wu Jie also met those famous noble sons of the Northern Wei Dynasty at the palace banquet, but comparing the two, none of them had the talent and appearance. On a par with his own prince brother.

    Wu Jie felt a little guilty about praising Wu Zhen for her "marriage" so hard. But as Concubine Lu Gui said, even if the prince doesn't like marrying a daughter from the clan of the Northern Wei Dynasty, as a man, the future king of a country can have concubines and concubines.

    And promoting this marriage will not only free yourself. More importantly, there is a princess concubine of the Northern Wei Dynasty who can effectively control Empress Chen's power. In the future, even if it is impossible to ensure that Dongyue will stand by Great Wei's side in future wars, at least it must be ensured that it will no longer be swaying from side to side. This is a major event that concerns the entire Wu clan, and even the entire East Vietnamese people.

    To be honest, Wu Jie didn't like Great Wei at all. But now that the Northern Wei Dynasty is powerful, 100,000 iron cavalry have just captured Yenan, and all the twelve cities of Huai County have been included in the territory, and South Chen is watching the situation decline. The general trend of the world is like this, and we can only follow the sky. If we want to change the situation against the sky, a small country like Dongyue will only end up in ruins.

    Therefore, Wu Jie must do her best to facilitate this marriage.


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